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Enterprise Holdings is a firm with a large number of employees. To manage them digitally, they have created the myEHtrip platform. This platform gives various perks and benefits to the employees of Enterprise Holdings.

This is a wise decision as the world is progressing very rapidly. And we all know that the workload of a physical office is shifting to the online world. Therefore many companies have shifted some of their operations, such as marketing, accounting, managerial projects, human resource management, etc., to the online world.

The shift of human resource management to the online world is done by building a platform that connects all employees with their data. Resultantly, work efficiency is improved.

However, to use the HR platform as an employee, you must have some credentials and be aware of the whole process. Similarly, you must have enough knowledge before using myEHtrip.

That is why we have made this ultimate guide for you. By reading this guide until the end, you’ll be aware of different accounts on my EHtrip. You’ll also be able to log in on myEHtrip through these accounts easily.


What is myEHtrip?

To understand myEHtrip, let’s have a quick look at the main company, Enterprise Holdings. It is a car rental agency that is privately owned.

Enterprise Holdings started its operations in 1957. So far, they have opened over 9,500 branches and have more than 80,000 employees.

The company operates in 90 countries and has nearly 2 million vehicles. Managing more than 80,000 could have been difficult for the HR of Enterprise Holdings.

Also, due to the surge of the internet, there was a need to create an online platform for employees. Therefore, Enterprise Holdings created the myEHtrip platform, where employees can access different information.

What do You need to Require to log in on myEHtrip? 

You need to fulfill these requirements if you successfully want to log in on myEHtrip.

  • You must be an existing employee of Enterprise Holdings to get started on myEHtrip.
  • To log in on myEHtrip, you should have a laptop, PC, or phone that can connect with the WiFi or other data networks.
  • The internet must be fast so that the website won’t show glitches while logging in.
  • Your PC, smartphone, or laptop must have any of these browsers; Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Edge.

How to Login on myEHtrip? 

There are two different accounts of employees on my EHtrip. One is for the franchisee employees, while the other is for the fleeting management.

The login process for both of these accounts is slightly different. That’s why we have created separate step-by-step guidelines for these accounts.

For Franchisee Employees

Follow these steps to log in as a franchisee employee of myEHtrip.


  • Visit the official website of myEHtrip. For quick reference, here’s the link;
  • You will see various language options at the bottom of the screen. Choose any of these languages; English, Español, Français, Deutsch, etc.
  • Now you’ll see two options; click on the login button below the option of ‘Centric Group Employees and Crawford Select Rental Programme.’
  • Enter your login ID of myEHtrip and the password. Then, click the login button, and you’re ready to go.

For Fleeting Management 

The Login process is similar for the fleeting management account, but there are some minor changes. Read and follow this step-by-step guide if you plan to use this account.

  • Visit, the official website of the HR platform of Enterprise Holdings.
  • Click on the login box below the ‘Enterprise Holdings and Fleet Management Employees.’
  • Add the Enterprise ID and the password to get started.

How to Reset Forgotten Credentials of myEHtrip? 

Resetting the username or password of my EHtrip is not difficult at all. If you ever forget the credentials of your employee account, follow these steps to reset the information.

Retrieving the Login ID

To retrieve the forgotten login ID of myEHtrip, follow these steps;

  • Visit the login portal of my EHtrip. 
  • Select the option of ‘forgotten ID.’ 
  • Enter the required information, such as your email address. Submit it, and you’ll receive further guidelines to regain the login ID.


Resetting the Password

Resetting the password of my EHtrip is not different from the procedure of regaining the password of the common social media accounts.

So if you have a presence on social media and know the basics of the internet, resetting this password would not be difficult for you.

But sometimes, this method may confuse you. Also, many people are on the voyage of learning new things. Therefore follow these steps to reset the password on myEHtrip;

  • Visit the login website of my EHtrip. 
  • Select the option for the forgotten password on this site.
  • Enter the email that you normally use with your my EHtrip account.
  • Click on the option of ‘send password link.’ You’ll receive a link to retrieve your password through your email in a few moments.

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Final Words

There you have it! We hope that we were able to help you by logging in on the platform of my EHtrip. Share this guide with your colleagues who are also planning to use myEHtrip.

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