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Bayareafastrak: Fast Trak is a cost-effective and convenient model to pay for all Toll bridges and expressways around Bay Area. The automated system is designed to help drivers save time in paying bridge tolls. 

This article will help you understand how to create your Bay area Fas Trak account, pay your toll, and much more. 


How Do You Pay Bay Area Bridge Tolls? 

Most motorists’ main question is how to pay t these Bridge tolls. There are four main ways that you can pay for the tolls. They include;

  • Through FasTrack
  • By using License Plate Account
  • One-time Payment
  • Through Invoice

Now let’s dive deep into these payment methods to help you determine which is most suitable and convenient for you. 

How To Pay Bay Area Bridge Toll Using FasTrak

Fastrack is a popular toll payment model, but before we discuss how to pay using this method, let’s see what it’s first.

How to create a BayareaFasTrak account?

You can set up your Fas Track account in two ways. You can create the account online or pick up a toll tag Fas Track from their retail locations and finish up the enrollment or complete the process entirely online. 

When you get your toll tag, you can finish your prepaid balance through the following steps. 


  • Another way is to pay by phone. Call the toll-free number 1-877-229-8655 and use your credit card number to pay.
  • You can also visit any BayAreaFasTrak Customer Service Center and pay in cash.

So how do you sign up online and make payments?

Create a FasTrak account online

The process of creating your account is simple. But you should ensure that you create at least 30 minutes to complete the process of creating your account because the active session expires after half an hour.

  • Begin by visiting the Official Website and clicking Sign up for FasTrak
  • In the input boxes, enter the required details and go to Next.
  • Once you successfully sign up for your account, FasTrak will send the toll tags to your email address.

Follow the steps below to complete the process of registering your Toll Tag.

  • Go to the Fas Track official website.
  • Click on the Register button you’ll move to the next page. 
  • In the input spaces, fill in the Toll Tag number. Ensure it’s correct. 
  • Now enter the activation code you received from Fas Trak
  • Click on “Create a new FasTrak account” to finish up

Note that there is still an option to register the toll Tag from the website’s home page. The option is available even to those who have already registered. 

License Plate Payment

The system can automatically use your license plate number to detect your vehicle and link it to your account. The payment mode is ideal for motorists who make automatic payments instead of prepaid fees or lose cash. Contrary, the toll charges will be deducted from the card associated with your account.

  • To sign up for this payment method, open a License Plate. 
  • Start entry and submit all the details you’re requested to enter.
  • Save the information to finish creating the account.

One Time Payment

One-time payment is ideal for motorists in the Bay area for a short while. You can make advance payments in 30 days or 48 hours before you cross the bridge. Follow the steps below to learn how to make one-time payments using your credit card.

  • Go to  One Time payment on the Fas Trak website.
  • Next, go through the terms and conditions on the page. Once you’ve understood, continue to the next step.
  • Use it to pay recent and future tolls, or even pay without a license plate by selecting the option you need

Invoice Payment

Invoice payment is the last option if you don’t want to use any of the above payment modules. An invoice with the Bridge toll amount will be billed to you then you can pay through your convenient payment mode. And if the sum is not paid within the stated period, you may face penalties.

Payments methods you can choose to pay through invoice are:

  • Pay through the phone using your credit card
  • Send a cheque through the mail 
  • Visit the Fas Trak payment locations 
  • Pay online at the FasTrak website

The most simple and convenient way for most people is to pay online at the FasTrak website. See the below steps to help you pay online.

  • Go to Invoice Violation
  • Enter the required information, including your License state and number and invoice number.
  • The site has the option to transfer the invoice to your FasTrak Account.
  • Click on submit, and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

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