Discover MyHR – Discover Employee Login & Benefits

As a Discover Employee member, you need to be part of the Discover Myhr portal and explore the wide range of features, benefits, and work-related activities you can access. This guide features an in-depth description of all the processes and requirements needed to access or log in to the portal. Let’s find out more in the next sections. 

What is Discover Myhr?

Discover Financial Services is an American entity offering premium financial services to customers. The entity runs all its errands and financial activities under the Discover Bank. 

With many employees working across different branches, the company established the Discover Myhr portal to connect and help all employees meet work-related duties and other services online. Through the platform, the teams can manage and control all activities related to company policies, employee salaries, and pay slips. 

Moreover, employees who are part of the Discover Myhr portal can access and claim a wide range of benefits from the portal. 

Discover MyHR

Requirements to become a Discover Myhr portal member

Before you can become a legible member of the Discover Myhr portal, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be an employee at Discover
  • You need to log in credentials, i.e., username and password
  • A steady internet connection
  • An official email address. 
  • An SSN – Social security number for new users
  • Use popular and credible browsers such as Microsoft, Safari, Firefox, and Google for secure browsing. 

How to Register to Discover Myhr as a new user

If you are new to the portal, you will need to sign up and register your account through the following steps:

  • Navigate through the official Myhr Discover portal
  • You will see the login page for the Myhr Discover portal
  • Select the “New User” option
  • Next, enter the prompted registration details 
  • You will need to key in the four digits of your SSN, followed by your birth date. 
  • Now, click on continue and type a new user name and the PIN you will use when logging in.
  • Press the submit option to continue
  • Directly, the system will verify your details and redirect you to the login page.

How to log in to Discover Myhr Portal – Steps Required.

Once you register your Discover Myhr account, you must log in every moment you want to access the portal for various services. The login process includes the following steps:

  • Navigate through the official Myhr Discover portal
  • The page will redirect you to the login page
  • Key in your Discover employee login details, your username, and password
  • Press the login option to continue
  • At this point, you can view the Discover Myhr portal dashboard. You can review the information and perform the tasks you want to accomplish.

Discover MyHR

How to recover the Discover Myhr portal login details

You can sometimes forget the details you used when accessing the portal. Should you fail to the username or password, follow the steps below to recover/reset the details:

How to recover a username

  • Navigate through the official Discover Myhr portal employee page
  • Select the “forgot user ID or password” option
  • Key in your SSN – Social Security Number
  • Next key in your birth date
  • Click continue and follow the prompts to retrieve and reset your Discover Myhr username. 

How to recover the password

  • Similarly, should you forget the password to access your account, follow the steps below:
  • Navigate through the official Discover Myhr web page
  • Select the “forgot user ID or Password” option
  • Key in your SSN – Social Security Number followed by your birth date
  • Next, select the “continue” option, then follow the prompts to recover your password for the Discover Myhr login portal. 

Note: You can sometimes face trouble accessing your account, even when you use the correct credentials. 

In such instances, contact the Discover HR department for technical help. 

Again, if you are a new user and do not have the required login details, reach out to the management authorities to get the details and create your Discover Myhr account, then log in to access the dashboard for various features. 

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Benefits of Being a Discover Myhr portal member

An employee with access to the Discover Myhr portal will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easy scheduling of work through the platform for convenience
  • Access to paystub services
  • Get regular information updates about the company’s news and events
  • Easy access to benefits
  • You will get regular notifications
  • Improved data security
  • Easy communication with fellow employees


If you’ve been wondering how to become part of the Discover Myhr portal, I hope this guide has delivered crucial information and the steps you need to follow to register the account and log in easily. Of course, the management team will always be on the front line to offer technical help should you get stuck anywhere.  

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