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MyHR Mizzou: Due to the pandemic, almost every system has been shifted online. Schools, office work, healthcare, and nearly every other profession have been shifted online.

Therefore, almost every person has to know about the internet nowadays. However, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend different internet aspects. 

If you are a Mizzou employee who has to join the Myhr Mizzou Portal but can’t understand the login process, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Below, we have mentioned the basic know-how of the Myhr Mizzou Portal. 

By reading until the end, you’ll learn about the step-by-step procedure of logging in on the Myhr Mizzou Portal.

What is Myhr Mizzou Portal? 

Mizzou is a short name for the University of Missouri, one of Columbia’s reputable universities. Mizzou has many employees as it is considered the largest university in Missouri. 

These employees include teachers, administrative staff, and many other employees. Managing and connecting all of these employees can be hectic for the HR department.

MyHR Mizzou

Therefore, the University of Missouri collaborated with Myhr to make a portal for their employees. Myhr portals help employees to log in easily and securely on the HR portal.

Myhr has collaborated with different companies in the past to create their employee login portals. These famous companies include PepsiCo, Michaels SSO, Whirlpool, Burlington, and the list continues.

Because of the reliability and popularity of Myhr, the HR department of the University of Missouri has created the HR portal. The employees of the University of Missouri can only access

After logging in, employees of Mizzou will be able to see all beneficiary plans. They can also perform several online tasks on Myhr Mizzou Portal, such as scheduling work, checking their paycheck status, claiming employer’s benefits, etc.

Requirements to Login on Myhr Mizzou Portal

To log in to Myhr Mizzou Portal, there are some requirements that you must fulfill.

  • You should be an existing employee of the University of Missouri.
  • Correct login credentials must be available.
  • You must have the employee ID and password.
  • The web connection must be strong and stable.
  • A valid email address is also required.

How do Login on Myhr Mizzou Portal? 

You can log in on the Myhr Mizzou Portal if you check all the abovementioned requirements. To get started on Myhr Mizzou Portal, here’s a complete guide.

  • Open any web browser on Mobile Phone, PC, or Laptop.
  • Now, visit the official website of Myhr Mizzou Portal. For reference, here’s the official website;
  • Once you’ve been redirected to the portal, you’ll be required to add your login credentials.
  • Enter your login credentials, such as your password and employee ID.
  • You can also select a language of your preference at this stage. English is selected by default.
  • Tick the box below to enable accessibility mode.
  • Hit the ‘sign in’ or ‘login’ button below the login details.

MyHR Mizzou

You will be directed to the dashboard of the Myhr Mizzou Portal after clicking or tapping on the sign-in button. You’ll find different features and facilities, such as scheduling features, a paycheck status checker, etc.

The Myhr Mizzou Portal is usually updated. Therefore, if you don’t see any of these features, don’t get worried. These features will be present somewhere on the portal. 

However, you can contact the customer support team if you can’t find these features. We have provided the details of the customer support contact below.

How to Reset the Password at Myhr Mizzou Portal? 

If you get stuck or forget your password, then follow these steps to get out of this situation;

  • Click on ‘forgot password.
  • Enter [email protected], which is your university email ID. 
  • A passcode will be sent to your mobile number. You can select the option of call or text.
  • Once you enter this password, you’ll be allowed to log in.

You’ll receive the text on call on the number you provided while applying at Mizzou. 

If that number was incorrect or is longer used, you can contact customer support to find a solution. We have provided the email and contact number of the help desk below.

Benefits of Using Myhr Mizzou Portal 

Here are some benefits that might convince you to use Myhr Mizzou Portal as an employee of the University of Missouri.

  • As an employee of Mizzou, you can check the paycheck’s status. Other policy details that are related to salary can also be reviewed here.
  • You can manage and customize your work schedule on this portal.
  • Employees of Mizzou can get easy access to their work data.
  • Employees also have an opportunity to submit an online leave through this portal, which saves a lot of hassle.

Customer Support Information

Contact customer support to solve your issue if you still have a problem logging in or can’t reset the password.

You can reach out for help via this customer support email or contact;

  • Contact number – 573.882.5000
  • Email Address – [email protected]
  • Address – University of Missouri/ UM System Division of Information Technology 615 Locust St., Columbia, MO, 65211

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Final Words

Myhr Mizzou Portal might be confusing, especially for those new to the internet. Therefore, apply the steps mentioned above to access your Myhr Mizzou account.

You can reset your password using a few steps if you don’t remember your password. However, if you still face any problems, contact the university’s tech support on the email mentioned above or contact number.

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