Kroger ESchedule Login Online Employee Portal

Kroger feed is an employee-friendly web portal that allows Kroger workers to access various services, including work schedules. So, Kroger ESchedule login is for all employees working at Kroger stores. The ESchedule enables you to check your schedule request for changes or ask for additional shifts.

Today’s guide will inform you about the Kroger ESchedule login portal, the requirements, rules, steps to sign in, contact information, and more about Kroger. Therefore, ensure you continue reading to learn more about Kroger’s ESchedule.

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What is Kroger’s ESchedule Login Portal?

Kroger’s ESchedule login portal is accessible to all current workers. Through this portal, they get to update their work schedules. To sign in, you need your enterprise user identification and password. Additionally, it would help if you visited the portal using

When you log in, you can view your work schedule, request changes, or modify your additional shifts.

Details of Kroger ESchedule Login Portal

Portal Name Kroger ESchedule
Login Requirements EUID and password
Purpose Check work schedule
Alternative FEED Mobile app

The Rules and Requirements for ESchedule

To access Kroger ESchedule, you must follow specified rules and have set requirements. So, the following are the rules for Kroger’s ESchedule.

  • You must be a current Kroger employee.
  • Ensure you have a valid enterprise user identification number and password
  • Never give another person your login details
  • Only use the official Kroger ESchedule website (

After learning about the rules, it’s time to know the requirements to log in to Kroger ESchedule. They include;

  • Valid user ID and password
  • Reliable internet access
  • Smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC
  • Web browser

You can now sign in to your account and view your daily work schedule when you have these requirements.

Kroger ESchedule Login Process


Now that you know the rules and requirements of accessing Kroger ESchedule Login. It is time to learn about the process of signing in. Here is how you log in to your account.

  • Go to
  • Enter your enterprise user identification number or EUID and password
  • Tap on I Agree
  • Click log in
  • Go to My E-Plan and Store Updates to check your work schedule

How to View Kroger ESchedule on an Android Device

Are you using an android device to visit Kroger ESchedule Login? Then an alternative apart from the web portal is to download the FEED Mobile app. So, here is how you check Kroger My Schedule on your android device.

  1. Go to Google Playstore and search for FEED Mobile.
  2. Click download to install the app on your device
  3. After installing the app open
  4. Enter your login details
  5. Go to My Schedule and preview your shifts

How to View Kroger ESchedule on iOS Device

Suppose you are using an iOS device; you can download the Kroger feed mobile application. This will enable you to access your schedule. So, here is the process on how to view Kroger ESchedule on your iOS device.

  1. Visit App Store and search for FEED Mobile.
  2. Click download to install the application.
  3. On completion, open the app and enter your login credentials
  4. Go to My Schedule to check your work schedule

The Benefits of Kroger ESchedule at

As a Kroger employee, you will get the following benefits when you visit They include;

  • View your work shifts and modify your shifts depending on whether you had additional shifts or requested changes
  • Change or update profile data
  • Request for leaves and vacations
  • View the latest notifications by Kroger
  • View your tax filing and information


How to Register for Kroger ESchedule

The process of registering for the Kroger ESchedule login is simple. First, get to register on the official Kroger feed web portal. You will provide personal details like email address, first and last name, password, zip code, store number, and more once you are done, log in to your Kroger Feed account and click my schedule.

Where is Kroger ESchedule on Kroger Feed?

After you log in to your Kroger feed account, click ‘My ESchedule.’ After that, you can view your work schedule. Additionally, you can request shift change or add additional shifts.

Final Verdict

Kroger ESchedule Login enables you to view your work schedule. Additionally, through this portal, you can request for shift change. You must log in to your Kroger feed account to access My ESchedule. We hope that you have learned more about Kroger’s ESchedule. Suppose you have any queries feel free to leave a comment.

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