Cooke County Jail Inmate Search Texas

To perform an inmate search in Cooke County, Texas, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Cooke County Detention Center Website: Access the Cooke County Detention Center’s official website where you can find information about inmates. Here’s the link: Cooke County Detention Center.
  2. Access the Inmate Search Page: Navigate to the inmate search section or use the link provided on the website to go directly to the search page. You may find the inmate search tool or a list of current inmates. If there’s a direct link, it might look like this: Cooke County Inmate Search.
  3. Enter the Inmate’s Details: If there is an online search tool, enter the required details such as the inmate’s first and last name. Some search tools may also allow you to search by booking number or other identifiers.
  4. Review the Inmate’s Information: After conducting the search, review the information provided for the inmate. This typically includes the inmate’s full name, booking photo, charges, bond amount, and booking and release dates.
  5. Verify the Inmate’s Location: Confirm the inmate’s current location and housing facility, as inmates may be moved between facilities.
  6. Check Visitation Rules: If you intend to visit the inmate, review the visitation rules and hours for the Cooke County Detention Center. It’s important to know the visitation schedule, what identification you’ll need, and any other specific guidelines that must be followed.
  7. Contact the Detention Center for Assistance: If you need more information or assistance with the inmate search, or if you have specific questions regarding an inmate, contact the Cooke County Detention Center directly. The contact information is usually available on the detention center’s website.

Cooke County Jail Contact Information:

Jail Address Phone
Cooke County Jail 300 County Road 451, Gainesville, Texas 76240 (940) 665-3471


Remember to use the information obtained from inmate searches responsibly and to comply with all rules and regulations set by the Cooke County Detention Center when attempting to visit or communicate with an inmate.

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