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Burlington, a former coat factory, is an American off-price retailer company with stores all over several states in America. Its headquartered in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

Burlington was founded in 1972 and is the third largest off-price retailer company. However, it has undergone several transitions. This includes being sold severally and a change of CEO. In 2007 it was acquired by Bain Capital, and in 2008 Tom Kingsley became president and CEO. Later on, in 2013, it went public. The current CEO is Michael O’SullivanO’Sullivan, who took over in 2019.

Burlington Employee

Statistics show that Burlington has over 40,000 employees and generates a net income of about 403.8M USD and a revenue of about 9.32 Billion USD, an estimated 1000 locations in the year 2021.

Burlington is your one-stop center for the high-quality designer and name-brand merchandise with 60% off other retailers’ daily prices. In addition, it always delivers its stores online every day.

The Company has created a Btime portal employee self-service for former and present associates to use for vital purposes like W2 verification.

This article will walk you through the following;

  • The precise steps of logging in to your account
  • How to reset your password
  • The most useful links of Burlington customer services and many more

Burlington Employee BTime Login Requirements 

B-time Burlington login portal platform enables employers and former employees to access their digital information for their accounts. To access the account, you must have the following;

  • Access to safe internet
  • A mobile device like a smartphone/tablet or a computer
  • B-time logins that are username and password
  • The official Btime portal web address

BTime Portal Login Steps

Btime is an online portal that helps you manage your time and resources more effectively. It’sIt’s a web-based application that you can access from any computer with an Internet connection.

To Login To Your Btime Account, Follow These Steps

The Btime portal is a security operation that the Company ensures to protect user credentials. Also, the portal has 24/7 customer service. To log in to your account successfully, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Btime website at www.btime.com.
  2. Enter your username and password in the fields provided.
  3. Click the login button.

If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset it.

How To Reset Burlington Login Password and ID

You need to reset your password if you have forgotten your Burlington login password and are having difficulties accessing your account. The only way to do this is to go back to the official page, get the link and generate a new password. 

The Burlington employee login website provides an option to reset the credentials just below the Login information space. This happens Mostly when the user has forgotten the password,

To reset your Burlington employee password or ID, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow. First, go to the Burlington employee login page and click the Forgot Password link. Next, enter your email address, and Burlington will send you a reset password link. Once you click on that link, you’ll be able to create a new password.

However, If you need to reset your Burlington employee ID, you’ll need to contact your Burlington HR representative. They will be able to help you reset your ID and password.

BTime Burlington Employee Portal Useful Links

Burlington Btime Customer Support

The platform has proactive online customer support. Burlington Btime customer support is a website that provides online customer support for Burlington customers. The website offers support services, including online chat, email, and phone support. The website also provides a knowledge base and FAQ section.

Burlington BTime Customer Support

  • Investor Relations Email Address: [email protected]
  • Burlington Stores Head Office Phone Number: (609) 387-7800
  • Customer Service Center toll-free Number: (855) 355-BURL (2875)
  • Burlington credit card number: (877) 213-6741
  • Shareholder Services Contact Number: Not Available with us
  • Burlington Stores Worldwide Headquarters Office Contact Number: (609) 387-7800
  • Corporate Office Contact Number: (609) 387-7800
  • Burlington Stores Customer Call Center: (609) 387-7800
  • Investor Relations Phone Number: 855-973-8445
  • Burlington Stores Office Landline Number: (609) 387-7800
  • Head Office Address: 1830 Route 130 North, Burlington, NJ 08016 USA
  • Correspondence / Mailing Address: 1830 Route 130 North, Burlington, NJ 08016 USA
  • Investor Relations Office Address: Burlington Stores, Inc. 1830 Route 130 North Burlington, NJ 08016

In Summary 

In a nutshell, Burlington offers excellent services, and its products are super clean and long-lasting. Therefore, it could be wise to invest your money since you are assured of quality and standard products.

Having a brand assortment of new products at exceptional prices, our mission is to provide customers with outstanding value and a shopping experience through our stores across North America, offering an exciting environment with a distinctly warm atmosphere. 

FAQs for Burlington portal

What is the website name where you log in to access your account?


What do you need to insert login in?

All you need to enter is your employee password or ID

What is the default pin? 

The default pin is the original pin sent to your email after opening the portal with Burlington. 

What is the name of the Company than owns Burlington coat factory?

Bain Capital is the parent company of Burlington.

Does Burlington have an online app?

Yes, Burlington has an app. The app is accessible across all platforms, integrating GPS instantly to have the reported issue location. 

Why did Burlington change their name?

Burlington is the third largest retail store offering exciting products. Having undergone more transitions over the years, the Company changed its name from Burlington Coat Factory to Burlington stores since it was conveyed as providing more than simple coats. 

How do I check my schedule for the Burlington store?

Using the login details below, you’ll be able to access and know your schedule 


Burlington associates ID is the user ID

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