Brazos County Jail Inmate Search Texas

To conduct an inmate search in Brazos County, Texas, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Website: Navigate to the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office website.
  2. Locate the Inmate Search Feature: Look for the ‘Jail Records’ or ‘Inmate Lookup’ section on the website. If you cannot find it directly, you may use the Brazos County Jail Record Search to access the search feature.
  3. Enter Inmate Information: In the search feature, enter the inmate’s full name or booking number if you have it. Some systems may also allow you to search by date of birth or other identifiers.
  4. Review Search Results: After conducting the search, the system will display a list of inmates that match your search criteria. Look through the list to find the inmate you are searching for.
  5. View Inmate Details: Click on the inmate’s name or a detail button to access more information about their custody status, such as charges, booking photos, and bond amounts.
  6. Contact the Detention Center for More Information: If the online search does not provide the information you need or if you require additional assistance, you can contact the Brazos County Detention Center. The Brazos County Detention Center provides information on how to get in touch with the facility.

Brazos County Jail Contact Information:

Jail Address Phone
Brazos County Detention Center 1835 Sandy Point Road, Bryan, Texas 77807 (979) 361-4800

Now, use jail records search to find inmates in Brazos County Jail in Texas. If it is not available, click here or call the detention center at (979) 361-4800.

Ensure that you comply with all rules and regulations regarding the use of inmate information when conducting your search.

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