Bell County Jail Inmate Search Texas

To conduct an inmate search in Bell County, Texas, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Bell County Inmate Inquiry Portal: Go to the Bell County Inmate Inquiry Portal to start your inmate search (Bell County Inmate Search).
  2. Search by Name or Booking Number: You can search for an inmate by name, subject number, booking number, or check those who are currently in custody. Enter the information you have into the appropriate fields to find the inmate you are looking for.
  3. Review Inmate Details: Once you have conducted the search, review the list of inmates to find the one you are interested in. The details typically include the inmate’s full name, booking photo, charges, and booking dates.
  4. Confirm Facility Location: Before you attempt to visit or contact the inmate, confirm their facility location as inmates may be transferred between facilities. This information should be available through the search results or by contacting the Bell County Jail directly.
  5. Understand Visitation Rules: If you plan to visit the inmate, make sure to review the visitation rules and hours for Bell County Jail, as these can vary and may have specific requirements or restrictions.
  6. Contact the Jail for More Information: If you need more information or assistance with your inmate search, you can contact the Bell County Jail directly. They can provide the most current information regarding an inmate’s status, visitation, and communication options.

Bell County Jail Facilities Contact Information:

Jail Facility Address Phone
Bell County Central Jail 111 W. Central Avenue, Belton, TX 76513 (254) 933-5400
Bell County Loop Jail 2405 S. Loop 121, Belton, TX 76513 (254) 933-5400


Please remember to use the information obtained from inmate searches responsibly and follow all procedures and guidelines set by the Bell County Jail.

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