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You’ve heard about the talktoboots survey and are now worried about whether it’s true or a lie, right? Don’t worry; we understand you and know that winning the iPad Mini 4 only by participating in the survey, which takes a few minutes, seems like fraud. 

Cheer yourself up! Because that’s not the case. It’s not a fraud, and you can win an iPad Mini 4. And to prove our statement, we’ll share the facts about the survey, its company, the eligibility criteria, and so forth. So let’s get into it. 

What’s Boot Pharmacy? 


As stated, the talktoboots survey is real; the reason behind this is it’s from the Boot Pharmacy company. It’s a famous beauty retailer and pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom. 

The company has started this offer to get information on their customers’ feelings about their brand, customer, and staff. With the help of this information, Boot Pharmacy can improve its services and win customers’ trust. 

Who Is Eligible to Participate in the Talktoboots Survey?

Let’s come to the next point: who is eligible to participate in the talktoboots survey? Do all of their customers can participate or is there eligibility criteria? 

According to the company, not everyone can participate in the survey. They’ve also shared other rules which you have to follow. Below we’ll share a detailed guide about the eligibility criteria and the restriction. Make sure to read it carefully and check whether you meet the criteria. 

  1. You should know the basics of the English language so you can understand the questions and answer them correctly. 
  2. The talktoboots survey is only for those customers who live in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. 
  3. Your age must be more than 18 years (Only adults can participate). 
  4. If you’re an employee of Boot Pharmacy company or a family member of a worker, you can’t participate in the survey. 
  5. You can only take part in the survey once a week. 
  6. A purchased receipt from Boot Pharmacy is necessary. Otherwise, you can’t enter the survey. 
  7. You must have a valid mobile number and email address. 
  8. No winner can transfer or ask for money in exchange for the iPad Mini 4. 

That’s all; these eight points are the main eligibility criteria. If you think none of the points are against you, congratulations; you’re eligible for the Talktoboots survey. 

How Can You Participate In the Survey? A Detailed Process

Purchase Required? Yes
Type Boots Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program
Prize an iPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi, £200worth of advantage card points, and a £100 Boots gift card
Entry Method Through online
Entry Limit One entry per week
Location The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland only
Receipt Valid For 30 days from the date of purchase
Status Available

Time to move forward toward the detailed process of participating in the Talktoboots survey. For your ease, we’ll share the process step by step. Ensure to follow all steps correctly according to our guidelines. 

Step No One – Visit the Official Page 

The company has made a separate page for the survey form. Therefore, make sure not to visit any third-party website or another page because it might be a scam. 

Step No Two – Add Your Information 


After clicking on the talktoboots survey page link, you’ll see an interface similar to the image below. 

On the first line of the web page, you’ll notice the welcome message and a few columns. The first column is to enter the invitation card code, the second is for the date, and the third is for time. 

  1. Check your invitation card; there will be a code that you have to enter. 
  2. Hold your purchased receipt and check the date. Then click on the calendar icon and select the exact date. 
  3. Lastly, find your purchase receipt’s timing and add it in the two-column at the bottom. 
  4. Click on the “Start” button. 

Step Three – Add More Information 

In this step, you need to add more information, which will be about your age. You’ll get four options (under 16 years, between 60 to 50 years, over 50 years, or prefer not to say) from which you have to select one. You’re free to pick any option you like; it will not affect the survey. 

Step Four – Answer the Questions of the Survey 

Once you add all your information, the page will be redirected to the survey, where you’ll have to answer the questions. It would be best to reply honestly to all answers because your answers can help the company. 

Then, select the option of whether you want to be on the list of participants who want the prize or not. And last, enter all your correct information like number, name, address, and email so the company can easily notify you if you win the iPad Mini 4. 

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Bottom Line 

Well, that was all about the Talktoboots survey. We’ve mentioned every important detail that can help you clear your concepts. If you have issues reading the criteria and step-by-step process again, contact the company via email: [email protected] or social media platform.

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