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Did you know you can get a chance to win Wawa merchandise by just participating in the MyWawaVisit survey? Yes, that’s right. Not only merchandise, but you can also win gift cards and hoagie coupons. Can’t know wait know more? You have every right to get excited. This article will tell you everything about the MyWawaVisit survey and its rewards.

What Is Wawa?

Wawa Inc is an American chain of convenience stores and gas stations founded in 1964 by Grahame Wood. Headquartered in Wawa, Pennsylvania, United States, the chain operates in over 900 locations along the east coast of the United States. Wawa specializes in a wide range of products such as coffee, hoagies, prepared foods, gasoline, beverages, snacks, dairy products, and salads. As of 2020, the company has over 37,000 employees working it. The company’s official website is


MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes Rules

If you wish to participate in the survey to give feedback, you don’t need to worry about this. But if you want to win the survey rewards, you must comply with some rules. So, before entering the survey, ensure you meet the conditions below to be eligible for the sweepstakes reward.

  • You must be a legal resident of the US.
  • You must be of a minimum age of 18 or above at entry.
  • You should not be an employee of Wawa. Immediate family members or people who live with Wawa’s employees, officers, and directors are ineligible for sweepstakes rewards.
  • You can only have one sweepstakes entry per month.
  • Your prize in the reward is not transferable. That means you cannot ask for money as a substitute for the gift card you win.

How To Participate In MyWawaVisit Survey?

It takes less than two minutes to take a MyWawaVisit customer satisfaction survey. All you need to do is first ensure you fulfill the requirements mentioned below and then follow the instructions to participate in the survey and win its rewards.


You will need the things and details mentioned below to participate in the survey.

  1. A browser-enabled device such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC, etc.
  2. An active internet connection to run the browser.
  3. The survey code and store number are printed on your Wawa purchase receipt.


The process of taking part in the MyWawaVisit survey is very simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions given below one by one.

  • First, make sure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Then open a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • In the browser’s search bar, enter the web address of the MyWawaVisit survey site:
  • Upon visiting the above web address, your screen will look something like this.


  • Here first, you have to select the language of your choice on the top right. English and Spanish are the two languages available.
  • Then to start the survey, you must enter the 7-digit survey code and 5-digit store number printed on your purchase receipt.
  • Upon entering the code, click on ‘Next,’ and your survey will begin.
  • You will be asked to rate the store you visited on various benchmarks.
  • Then you will be asked questions about your shopping or dining experience.
  • After answering a few questions, your survey will be done.
  • Once done, you must enter the sweepstakes draw by filling in your contact information, such as your name, address, email, and phone number.

Note: Make sure that the contact information you are entering is genuine and correct. Your sweepstakes price might be canceled if you enter the wrong details or if they can’t reach you.

MyWawaVisit Survey Rewards

The reward for participating in the Wawa survey is an opportunity to enter the national monthly sweepstakes to win Wawa gift prizes worth 449$ in the form of free classic hoagie coupons or a $25 Wawa gift card. The winner is selected randomly from all eligible entries received during the entry period.

Each month, one person gets the opportunity to win fifty-two free classic hoagie coupons and a gift basket of Wawa merchandise, and five people get a $25 Wawa gift card and a gift basket of Wawa merchandise each. If you are lucky enough to be one of them, you will be contacted on the contact details you filled in while entering for sweepstakes.

MyWawaVisit Customer Support

If you still have doubts about the survey, sweepstakes, or anything related to Wawa, you can contact Wawa’s customer support team to seek help. Below we have mentioned various ways to reach out to them.

Phone: +1 (888) 870 4241
Wawa Website:

Final Words

You have just participated in the MyWawaVisit survey and entered a sweepstakes contest. Pretty simple, right? You can enter more such sweepstakes draws by participating in surveys that take less than 3 minutes. If interested, you can try participating in Walmart’s Survey and win a $1000 gift card.

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