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Livetheorangelife: Home Depot is the biggest American home improvement supplier that sells construction products, appliances, tools, and services. It was established in 1978, and currently, its headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In the US, it has more than 3000 stores, and approximately half a million employees currently work at the Home Depot corporation. 

What is LiveTheOrangeLife?

Home Depot cares a lot about its employees and has created a portal named It ensures that the employees make the best use of its incredible features. They can enroll in the Livetheorangelife login portal and access it whenever or wherever they want. If you are also one of the luckiest employees of Home Depot, you can enjoy the company’s mythdhr benefits like health, medical, employee stock purchase, 401k plan, and many others. In addition, this portal allows you to operate your data, awards, work schedule, salary, leave of absence, etc. 


LiveTheOrangeLife Registration/Login Guide

Before moving toward the login information, check out the easy and simple registration guide first. 

LiveTheOrangeLife Registration Guide

You must create your account first to log in to your Livetheorangelife online portal. Below is the step-by-step registration guide you must follow while creating your account. 


  • Click on the ‘New User?’ tab, which you will find on the website. 
  • On the Livetheorangelife account registration page, enter the requested credentials, including your mythdhr employee Id, date of birth, email address, last four digits of your social security number, phone number, and other important credentials to verify your identity.
  • When you’re done entering all of these details, tap on the ‘Next’ button. 
  • Now, create a valid username and strong password for your account. 
  • After this, select the ‘Sign up’ link. 
  • You will receive a link to your email address from the company within a few seconds.
  • Click on that link to get your account registered. 

LiveTheOrangeLife Login Guide 

After finishing the registration process, it’s time for you to log into your employee portal. Look at this detailed guide to help you get through your login process. 

  • Firstly, visit the official login page of Home Depot at Livetheorangelife login.  
  • It will redirect you to the login page.
  • Next, you can enter the username and password you created while signing up for the account. 
  • Now, click on the ‘Login’ button. 

After completing this login process, you can access plenty of mythdhr benefits.  

Forgot the Password? No, Problem

Forgot your password and don’t know what to do now? Calm yourself down, as Home depot got your back. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to recover your password. 

  • Visit the official site of the Livetheorangelife portal
  • You will find a ‘Forgot User Id or Password?’ option below the log-on link. Click on that. 
  • It will navigate you to a new webpage. 
  • Enter your ‘Social Security Number and ‘Birth Date.’ 
  • Next, tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • After this, you will see a series of questions you will have to answer because of security concerns. 
  • You will receive a link to reset your password at your email address.
  • Select the reset password link and then create a new password. Make sure to save your new password carefully to avoid any trouble in the future. 

Conditions for Using LiveTheOrangeLife Login Portal

There are very few conditions you will have to fulfill to access your Livetheorangelife login portal.

  • You must be an employee.
  • You must have the legit login credentials. 
  • You must have a secure and reliable web browser. 
  • A fast internet connection with a smart device, including a desktop computer or a mobile device, is what you need to access your account. 

Customer Support/ Contact Details

In case of any query or concern, you can contact the customer service team of Livetheorangelife from Monday to Friday anytime between 9 am to 7 pm (Eastern Time). 

Benefits Choice Center: 


HR Service Center: 


If you live outside the USA, Canada, or Puerto Rico, you can contact the following number: 


Why Should You Use a LiveTheOrangeLife Login Portal?

Following are some of the amazing features of the Livetheorangelife login portal you must be familiar with: 

  • It provides you with disability insurance on a short-term and long-term basis. 
  • You can access different plans, including legal services, matching gifts, employee stock purchase plans, and many more. 
  • It allows you to sign up for the tax-preparation discount program, exotic insurance, and assistance in relocation. 
  • It gives you a special discount offer of 15% if you want to shop anything from Livetheorangelife stores. 

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Final Words

The Livetheorangelife login portal is a great initiative of the Home Depot corporation, which provides countless benefits to its employees. In this article, you will find every detail about the portal. You can also contact the customer service team at the given contact numbers if you still have any queries. 

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