Krispykremelistens – Visit Krispy Kreme Survey and Get a Free Doughnut

Krispykremelistens: Krispy Kreme came up with a convenient way of getting feedback from their willing customers in exchange for a free doughnut. The survey is quick and straightforward to complete, plus it’s random for each user. So take a minute to see what other customers thought about various issues. It’s easy – your feedback could be worth its weight in sweets.

About Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is an American multinational chain of fried dough manufacturing companies in North Carolina. They are known for their glazed donuts and were founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1937. The business expanded rapidly, and by 1975 they expanded to Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In addition to their original donut shop format, they also offer a variety of other pastries, including ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ sandwiches and coffee.


The chain has expanded rapidly. It has over 4,000 staff and over 1000 stores in 30 different countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and other countries.

Krispy Kreme’s slogan is ‘Doughnut Delivered Daily,’ also featured on their logo. However, they have since adapted it to ‘Doughnut Delivered Every Day,’ and they have been known to promote it through various media outlets such as television commercials.

About KrispyKremeListens Survey

The site is intended to be a consumer-focused website that appeals to the younger crowd. It attempts to showcase how easy it is to share thoughts and opinions through various means of communication, such as social media and team participation.

It also assists the company in adjusting to how they produce their products and continuously improves their customer experience.

To enter the survey, you are asked to complete a simple form for accuracy. It asks for personal details such as name, email address, name of Krispy Kreme location and method of contact, details about the location of Krispy Kreme, country, gender, and age.

The site does not ask for financial or confidential information about your Krispy Kreme experience. However, suppose you wish to participate in a promotion involving a free doughnut or a donation. In that case, you will get informed by email that your information has been captured and will be used by company policy.

Requirements for the KrispyKremeListens survey

Here are the terms and conditions that participants must agree to and check off the box to participate in the Krispykremelistens survey:

  • Be a U.S. resident.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • The survey participant must have a smartphone, tablet, or computer connected to the Internet.
  • Krispy Kreme employees and their family members are ineligible for the survey.
  • The survey accepts the receipt of purchase from any day, regardless of the time of day, as an entry to win. The recipient must have the survey invitation.
  • Entries are accepted from all participating U.S. stores.
  • The participant must be English literate.

How to take the KrispyKremeListens survey

If you’ve met the above requirements successfully, you can take the survey without hassle. Follow the steps for a good time:


  • Read your receipt carefully and input the survey code as it is. The code should have a range of 15 digits. Then, proceed by clicking on start.
  • The next screen will direct you to the questions. Answers the questions honestly. Transparent feedback will be helpful to the company when making changes for the company’s welfare. The questions might have different formats; multiple choices, text boxes, and scaling.
  • The scaling format will provide you with specific questions. For example, you will use a scale of one to five or one to ten to rate your experience.
  • For the multiple choices, you might give four answers to a single query. You can leverage the text boxes provided if you have more details, such as an appraisal or complaint to share.
  • Once you complete your survey, you will receive a coupon that might last seven days. Also, it could be more redeemable for cash or credit.

Benefits of taking the KrispyKremeListens survey

There are several benefits to taking part in this survey, such as:

  1. First, you will meet the company’s prizes- notably some delicious doughnuts.
  2. It is an opportunity for you to suggest improvements in the Krispy Kreme services.
  3. Finally, you might receive special discounts or free offers from Krispy Kreme for participating in the survey.
  4. Company representatives will not contact you after the completed survey, so it is a safe and private experience for all parties involved.

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Where can I find out more about the survey?

You can always contact the company’s customer service hotline at 1- 800-457-4779 or email them at [email protected].

What if I am not from the U.S.?

Unfortunately, non-U.S residents are not eligible for this survey. However, consider taking part in a different survey offered by the company if you’re an international participant.

Conclusion is an excellent site if you want a few extra benefits. The site has everything from prizes to discounts to special offers. For a memorable experience, this site is definitely worth your while.

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