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If you have been to the Jack in the Box restaurant stores, you must have heard about the Jacklistens survey. However, if you are reading this for the first time, it could be your chance to visit the Jack in the Box food outlets and enjoy various products and services. Whichever the case, keep reading this article to discover how you can enjoy the products, services, and rewards from the Jack in the Box food outlets. 

What is Jacklistens Survey?

Jack in the Box is an American-based chain of restaurants offering its clients the best taco products and related services. 

To improve their overall service delivery, the restaurant facility has implemented measures to ensure client satisfaction. As a new or regular customer, you can participate in the Jacklistens survey process and give feedback based on the experience and services you had with the Jack in the Box outlets during your recent store visit. 

Positive and negative feedback are welcomed because these feedbacks help the entity better serve you. As a participant, you are encouraged to give honest views on your personal experiences. 


After the survey, you could win exclusive coupons and enjoy improved services based on your feedback. Read the next section to understand the basics and the processes you need to take the Jacklistens complete survey. 

Jacklistens Survey details and requirements

Should you want to participate in the Jacklistens Survey, make sure you meet the following basics:

  1. You must have checked-in restaurant outlets in the last three days. Ensure you keep the receipt as it contains useful details for the survey process. 
  2. You must have a smart gadget, either a smartphone, a laptop, or a computer with a reliable internet connection. 
  3. You must know either or both Spanish and English language; to write and read.
  4. The validity of the receipt is only for three days after the purchase date. 
  5. You must be at least 18 years to participate in the Jacklistens Survey

Jacklistens Survey Restrictions

  1. The Jacklistens survey is void under the following:
  2. The survey is limited to only US legal residents
  3. Where local, Federal, and state rules and regulations apply.
  4. The survey is limited to people above 18 years
  5. No Jack in the Box associates can participate in the survey – They can be family members, agents, or employees. 

How to enter the Jacklistens survey – Steps to follow

Once you confirm that you meet the stated guidelines and requirements for the Jacklistens survey, the next step is to start the process, answer the survey questions following the steps below:

  1. Check in, any Jack in the Box restaurant outlet, buy a product and keep the receipt as it contains the details required to enter the survey (only valid for 72 hours once you buy a product)
  2. Navigate through the official Jacklistens survey page
  3. Choose your preferred language (Spanish or English), then proceed.
  4. You will be prompted to key in the 14-digit code available on your purchase receipt. 
  5. Now, click the option “next” once you enter the details in the receipt, then start answering the online survey questions. 
  6. As you answer the survey questions, be honest and open as possible based on your personal experience with the company. Most of the questions will revolve around food quality, your previous experience with the restaurant, the overall status of the premises, employee development, and service speed.
  7. Now, key in your contact details to get the coupon code, then select the submit” option.
  8. You will get the coupon code. The promotion code will help you redeem a free BOGO or two free tacos when visiting the Jack in the Box store outlets. 


How to contact Jack in the Box Stores

When you have a question or a concern about Jack in the Box products, services, or any related crucial information, you can contact them through the following details:

+1 (858) 571 2121 – Official Jack in the Box contact number

+1 (877) 299 8366 – Official Jack in the Box customer care number

+1 (858) 571 2101 – Official Jack in the Box Fax number

To reach them via email, use the following details:

  • Address: 9330 Balboa Ave., 
  • San Diego, 
  • CA, 92123, USA

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Jack in the Box is an eatery outlet that serves its customers satisfactorily. If you are their regular or customer-to-be, you can help the entity discover its strengths and weaknesses by participating in a Jacklistens survey, giving honest reviews, and enjoying exclusive services. With the simplified online survey, the process is easy as long as you meet the set rules and guidelines. What’s more, you will enjoy exclusive rewards from the store outlets after completing a successful survey.

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