WendysWantsToKnow / Talktowendys Survey Online To Win $500

WendysWantsToKnow: Suppose you are a Wendy’s frequent visitor or you got recommended to the entity by a friend. In that case, you need to read this article to the end to understand how you can enjoy their services and products, then participate in their survey, wait for an opportunity to get satisfying rewards and continue enjoying the best services from the entity. 

What is the WendysWantsToKnow Survey?

Wendy’s is an American-Ohio-based chain of fast-food restaurants serving customers by providing great food and services at affordable prices. 

With over 6,000 restaurants across the globe, the fast-food chain restaurant is one the forefront of growing even more and better. As part of their growth strategies, Wendy’s Fast-Food stores have a survey platform Wendyswantstoknow, where they welcome all their regular and new customers to submit their thoughts about personal experiences with the services and products they received when they visited the stores. 


The feedback helps the concerned parties to put in measures to improve their service and product delivery. Furthermore, as part of appreciating their loyal customers, you will be able to win exclusive rewards after completing the survey process. 

The survey process is easy and won’t take much of your time. Follow the guidelines outlined in this write-up and wait for a chance to win rewards and the best products and services from Wendy’s.

Requirements to participate in the WendysWantsToKnow Survey

While anyone would love to participate in Wendy’s survey and enjoy their offer, you need to have the following basics and requirements:

  • A reliable smart gadget; can be a smartphone, a laptop, or a computer with a steady internet connection.
  • You ought to be a US legal resident
  • You must have attained at least 18 years
  • Ensure you have a recent purchase receipt from Wendy’s stores (to get the survey code).
  • You must recall the details and experiences of your last visit to Wendy’s stores.

The WendysWantsToKnow Survey Restrictions

The survey is restricted where the following rules apply:

  • Non-US residents cannot participate
  • No one under 18 years is allowed to participate
  • All people associated with Wendy’s food outlets – employees, agents, family members, and respective affiliates. 
  • Where the rules of law apply
  • Getting free food is restricted within 30 days after validation time
  • One survey is restricted to a single purchase
  • You cannot exchange coupons for cash

How to take the WendysWantsToKnow Survey – Steps to follow

If you meet all the requirements described above and want to take part in the survey and give your honest feedback, the process is simple as outlined below:

  • Check in to a Wendy’s restaurant in the US, and purchase the receipt containing the entry details for the survey.
  • Navigate through the official WendysWantsToKnow survey site.


  • Choose your preferred language (French, English, or Spanish) to continue. 
  • Key in the details from your receipt – The restaurant number, the date you visited the restaurant, and the visitation time in the boxes highlighted. 
  • Now, choose the “start” option to continue. 
  • Give your opinion on customer satisfaction by answering the survey questions. The opinion should be honest based on the employee, premised, and overall service experiences you encountered during your recent store visit. 
  • Now, key in your details once you finish answering the survey to access an opportunity to win the validation code.
  • Select the “submit” option, then get the validation code. 
  • You will only receive the validation code once you complete the survey. (You can only redeem your free food using your validation code within 30 days after verification of the code).

How to contact Wendy’s Stores

Should you have concerns or anything you need to share with the relevant authorities at Wendy’s, reach out to them through the following contact information:

+1 (614) 764 3100 – Official Wendy’s phone number

+1 (888) 624 8140 – Official Wendy’s customer care contacts

+1 (614) 764 3330 – Official Wendy’s Fax number

Wendy’s official Address:

Address: 1 Dave Thomas Blvd

Dublin, 43017, OH, USA

WendysWantsToKnow Frequently Asked Questions

Will my details be secure after participating in the Wendyswantstoknow survey?

Yes, the Wendyswantstoknow is a secure portal guaranteeing information security.

Must I purchase items from Wendy’s to participate in the survey?

Yes, as part of the survey requirements, you will need to enter the details about the restaurant you visited recently to continue with the next questions. Therefore, you need to make a purchase first. 

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Wendy’s is a fast-food outlet dedicated to serving its customers through top-notch services and products. As one of their loyal customers, take a chance and visit their official Wendyswantstoknow website and give your reviews to enable them to serve you even better. Besides getting amazing services and products, you can as well get a chance to win exclusive rewards after the survey process. So with the simplified steps, why wait? Be part of the team and give your honest feedback. 

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