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Walmart GTA Portal is an employee portal that enables Walmart workers to enter their timestamps online. Therefore, are you searching for ways to log in to the Walmart global time and attendance portal?

This portal allows the employer to check the working hours of the employees. This article will detail how to log in to Walmart GTA Portal.

What is Walmart GTA Portal?

Also called the Walmart one portal, it is an online platform where Walmart employees access HR services such as timestamps, pay stubs, and more. The Walmart GTA Portal is also for access by Walmart’s current, retired, and associates.

Walmart GTA Portal

The Requirements to log in to One Walmart Portal

To log in to the OneWalmart portal, you require the following details.

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Stable internet access
  • User ID and Password
  • The official Walmart GTA Portal web address

How to Login to Walmart GTA Portal

Here are steps on how to sign in to the Walmart GTA Portal.

Walmart GTA Portal

  • Enter your User ID and choose your country/region and location
  • Then click sign in and type in your password to access your account

Walmart GTA Portal Password Reset

To reset your account’s password, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the official GTA Walmart portal
  • Enter your User ID, and tap on forgot password
  • Type in your email address to receive the password reset link
  • Go to your email and click the link to set up your new password

The Benefits of the Walmart GTA Portal

Using the Walmart GTA Portal has benefits for employees. Here are the advantages of using this web portal.

  • Clock in and out from any place. The OneWalmart portal allows employees to clock in from anywhere in their devices’ comfort.
  • Simplifies job allocation – This platform gives departmental heads and their juniors an easy time when it comes to allocating work schedules.
  • Check working trends. Managers and heads of departments check on employee work trends via Walmart GTA Portal.
  • This portal by Walmart is secure from non-users, and access to workers’ information is to managers or other authorized people.
  • Access to the latest company information. Employees get real-time data from the company via this portal.

Accessible Services at OneWalmart Portal

You can access other services on this all-in-one Walmart portal besides global time and attendance.

These services include;

  1. Paystub

All Walmart employees can view and download their paystubs via the OneWalmart portal. In addition, you will see you’re earning details like deductions, bank details, and tax information here.

Suppose you haven’t linked your bank account for direct deposit; go to your account and click on ME, My Money, Direct Deposit. Now add your bank details for automatic direct deposits.

  1. Paid Time Off

Ask for paid leave or time off for your leisure and other issues. However, the company advises workers to take protected time off when taking a short vacation. Contact Details

  • Telephone Number: +1 800 421-1326
  • S. Field Support: +1 479 273-4357

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We hope you have learned more about the Walmart GTA Portal login process. Therefore, go to to sign in to your account. If you face any problems with the login process, write a comment, and we will help you.

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