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The University of Missouri Kansas City system, the MyHR UMKC, is for all its employees. This web portal enables UMKC employees to access human resource services. Therefore, ensuring that the UMKC HR depart is accountable and consistent with the requirements.

UMKC MyHR login portal allows you to access benefits and retirement, compensation, employee and labor relations resources, service delivery, talent fulfillment, and learning & organizational development.

MyHR Umsystem requires you to have the login details to access these human resource services online. Therefore, if you are searching for the UMKC MyHR login portal, read this guide to learn more.


What is UMKC MyHR Portal?

UMKC MyHR is a system where University of Missouri Kansas City employees get human resource services online. You only require the official portal URL ( and login credentials.

Additionally, this system for the UMKC HR department allows you to check your work and schedule, job alerts, and manage other human resource services.

What are the Requirements to Use MyHR UMKC Login Portal?

To sign in to the UMKC MyHR portal, you require the following.

  • The URL of MyHR UMKC portal (
  • Login credentials which are the user ID and password
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Be an employee of the University of Missouri Kansas City
  • A laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone

How to Sign in to MyHR UMKC Portal

Here are the steps to log in to your MyHR UMKC account.

Now you will gain access to your UMKC MyHR account and view the HR services on your profile.

Additionally, there are other ways of signing in to the MyHR UMKC login portal. They include;

  • Using GitHub
  • Security key

Login to UMKC MyHR Using GitHub


  • Go to
  • Click ‘sign-in options
  • Select GitHub
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will enter your GitHub username or email address and password
  • .Click ‘sign in’ to login to My HR UMKC Portal using GitHub

Note: Ensure you enable a security key to sign in to the  University of Missouri Kansas City System MyHR Portal.

How to Setup Security Key Sign-in on MyHR UMKC Portal

UMKC MyHR portal uses the  Microsoft system to access your account. So, here is how you add a security key as a sign-in method for your MyHR UMKC account.

  • Sign in to your UMKC MyHR account
  • Go to security and tap on more security options
  • Click on add a new method to sign in
  • Now click on using a security key
  • Choose the USB or NFC key and tap ‘Next.’
  • On the new page, enter your key and create a PIN
  • Then choose a name for your security key

You are done; now go back to and select sign in using the security key. This way, you will not require to log in using your username and password or GitHub account.

UMKC MyHR Portal Reset Password

Below are steps you should use when you forget your MyHR Umsystem account.

  • On the sign-in page of the UMKC MyHR portal, click on ‘can’t access your account.’
  • Choose between work/school or personal account.
  • Enter your email address to your UMKC MyHR account
  • Follow the prompts, and when you finish, you will get a password reset link in your email
  • Use the link to set up a new password for your account

The Benefits of the UMKC MyHR Account

MyHR UMKC portal allows all employees to access the following benefits.

  • Health Savings Plan – This plan is administered by UnitedHealthcare and enables you to save for future health expenses
  • Dental – The dental plan managed by Delta Dental applies to all employees who have enrolled in this plan. This plan covers preventive, primary, and major dental services.
  • Vision – VSP is the insurance company that administers the vision plan for UMKC. It covers several eye care expenses.
  • Disability and Life Insurance – Through the MyHR UMKC portal, you can enroll for the disability and life insurance plan.

Get to sign in to your MyHR Umsystem account to enroll for these plans and more.

How to Enroll for Health Care and Dependent Care on UMKC MyHR Portal

For new employees or you who hadn’t enrolled for the health care and dependent care benefit. Here is how you register for this benefit.

  • Go to and sign in
  • Tap on ‘My Benefits’ and choose ‘Benefit Enrollment.’
  • To submit the plans of your choice, follow the set instructions
  • Now a notification will appear that confirms your submission
  • An email will be sent to your address
  • Now tap ‘Submit Enrollment’ and ‘Done’; they will appear as pop-ups

Following these steps, you will have enrolled for the health care and dependent care benefit plan.

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MyHR UMKC Contact Details

To contact the HR service center, use the following details.

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