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Swalife Login: Southwest is a US-based commercial airline company offering services in over 100 local destinations in the United States. The company has become successful based on its business module offering affordable prices and high-quality customer services. As a result, Swalife became one of the most successful domestic flight companies with several passengers.

This article will guide you to understand better the features, benefits, and how employees can log in to their Swalife login portals.

Southwest Airline’s Swalife Portal

Swalife portal is a web-based portal for SouthWest Airlines employees. The platform enables workers of the company to access and asses their work progress, view their schedules, and receive other administrative information more efficiently.

Some of the significant benefits and features of Swalife Login include the following;

  • the platform enables you to view and plan your work based on your schedules in time 
  • Through the platform, the company retirees can get information about their retirement packages
  • You can easily view and apply for your holidays online 



To access your Swalife login account, you need basic essential credentials to help you log in successfully. Lack of any of these items may stop making it impossible to access your account.

  • You need the official Swalife login web address; use this link ……. 
  • Have registered login details like your username and a valid password
  • An updated internet browser, for example, Google Chrome or Microsft Edge
  • A PC or a tablet or smartphone that has access to a secure and reliable internet

How to create your Swalife Account

If you don’t have a Swilife login account, you need to contact your HR manager to help create one. You’ll be required to provide personal details like name, email address, phone number, etc. 

They’ll help you create the account and give you the login credentials integrated with the Microsoft database. Then, use those logins to log in to your account. 

How To Log In To Your Swalife Online Account

Before we get to the steps, note that recently, Swilife integrated its login system with Microsoft accounts. So the only way you can access your account is through your Microsoft account. But first, you need to sign up and register your account to the databases of Microsoft’s Swalife section.

The Swalife login process is straightforward and will take you less than two minutes to complete. These steps will help you access your account easily, so follow them precisely.


Step 1: Go to the official Swalife website using this link  http://swalife.com. You’ll be redirected to the portal’s login page.

Step 2: In the input space, enters your login details, starting with your email address. Then, click on the next button to move to the next page.

Step 3: Now, fill in your valid password. Double-check if your password is correct before moving to the last step.

Step 4: Click on Login to access your account and start using the platform.

What To Do If You Have Forgotten Your Password?

Have you forgotten your Swalife Password? The password is critical,l and you can’t access your account without the password. Unfortunately, most people forget their passwords if they don’t use their accounts frequently or have not used them in a long time.

Still, you can reset your password to a new one and enjoy the benefits of a Swalife login. Follow the steps below to reset your account’s password.

Step 1: Visit the official login page of Swalife Log in to the portal; you can use this link http://swalife.com. 

Step 2: Move below the login button and click on the Can’t access your account? Link option. You’ll be redirected to the next page.

Step 3: Now click on the Work or School account link. You’ll get to the verification page, where you need to provide your details to ensure you’re the account’s rightful owner.

Step 4: Enter your registered email address in the input box 

Step 5: Then fill in the CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a robot. Enter the letters and numbers in the Captcha correctly.

Step 6: Finish up by clicking on the Next button to move to the password reset page


Benefits Of Swalife:

The portal help you easily access several benefits the SouthWest company offers to its employees. The benefits scratch from work culture to employees’ travel privileges. Additionally, the dependants of employees can also enjoy several benefits plans like; 401(k), health insurance, and profit distribution, among others.

Some of the important health benefits include; 

  • Medical coverage gives employees the option to choose from High deductible plans or PPOs. The plan also includes dental and vision coverage. 
  • You can set up a health saving account to save money for your health expenses.
  • Basic life insuarence. You can apply for basic life insurance and increase it to 10 times your salary for your spouses and children.
  • Southwest employees can enjoy the employee stock purchase plan that allows them to purchase the company’s stock at a 10% discount.
  • Through the 401(k) plan, you can save pre-tax and after-tax funds for your retirement.
  • The company has generous plans for employees’ times off and holidays for their vocations to refresh and be with their families.

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