Saia Employee Login Information Center Okta & Employee Benefits

Saia employee login is an online portal that helps Saia employees easily access several features and products of the company. For example, employees can easily talk to each other or their supervisors, upload files, and view their schedules through the platform. In addition, you can access your account through their official website or mobile app. 

In this article, you learn the following;

  • How to create and log in to your Saia Employee Login Portal account
  • How to reset your password
  • The benefits of the portal, and much more.

But first, below is the overview of the portal.

What Is Okta Saia Employee Login Portal?

The Saia employee login portal is a platform for Saia employees. The platform helps Saia employees access all the network programs of the company from an online account. 

The portal is also integrated with other tools like remote desk access, Microsoft Office integration, Instant Messaging to communicate with coworkers and supervisors, and FTP access to help upload documents and files easily. 

Saia Employee Login

Saia has nine partners in their Saia LTL partner ecosystem; the first six are channel partners, while the rest three are technology partners. And the biggest partners in this ecosystem are ShipperHQ, Okta, and Deposco.

The company strives to offer customers high-value products. Which involves frequently updating their Web Integration Services to produce practical information fast, effectively, and in simple formats that most people will grasp and understand without straining. The private company offers transportation management solutions throughout the US.

However, Saia focuses on small and personal deliveries like “Less Than a Truckload,” commonly known as LTL. the company also offers other logistics services like the ocean, air shipping, and transportation-related consultancy. 

Louis Saia Sr established Saia in 1924 in Hoima, Louisiana, but later relocated its headquarters to Creek, Georgia. The company is among the best LTL service companies in the US, with branches in 36 states. 

Saia Employee Login On Website

To access the site, you need to have the following;

  • A valid web URL to the Saia Employee Login Center
  • A registered email and password for Saia Employee Login Portal
  • A PC, tablet, or smartphone with reliable and safe internet access
  • It’s recommendable to have a current internet explorer. However, it is compatible with all internet explorer versions

Saia Employee Login Guide

Log in to the Saia employee login portal is relatively simple and can be summarized in three easy steps. These steps should guide you to access your account easily. 

  • Visit the official Saia website at You’ll be redirected to the “employee information center” page.

Saia Employee Login

  • Move to the sign-in input boxes and fill in your Employee ID and Password
  • Click sign in button to access your account

Reset Forgotten Password

If you can’t remember your Saia password, you can still create a new one and restore your account. To reset your password, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the login section on the portal and click on forgot your password? option
  • In the password restoration form, enter your Employee number and Security number.
  • Now click on the Email password button. For the option of getting your new password through your email.
  • Go to your email inbox you’ll find your new account password

Access Saia Employee Portal App

The portal app enables you to view your current and future schedules easily. Other features you get include reviewing your trip instructions, the dispatch, and arrival, among others. To access these features, you need first to access your account through the following steps;

  • Download the Saia Employee Login App. It’s available on Appstore and Google Play.
  • Install the app and grant the app permissions like access to your calendar etc
  • Fill in the login field with your employee ID and IEC password
  • Click on the login button to proceed.

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Benefits Of Saia Secure Login Employee Information Center

The Saia employee portal offers various benefits to Saia employees with valid accounts. Some of the benefits you enjoy from the portal are as follows:

  • Through the portal, employees can view, download or share with their employers’ network the tracking updates of the freights.
  • It has made it easy to communicate with other employees and employers. For example, you can talk to other workers using instant messaging(IM) and private and secure email.
  • The portal offers other critical tools like freight density, calculator, and transit times.
  • You can access the Saia employee directory through Saia Personal Information Center, where you can view employee personal details like location names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Additionally, you can view employees’ office locations and job titles.
  • If a worker has a complaint, suggestion, or question, they can share it anonymously through the Find My Supervisor option. The tool helps in keeping your privacy and enhancing confidentiality.  
  • Even better, Saia’s Freight Log-in page has a leave feedback section where employees can confidently share feedback based on their work experience.

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