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Nicor Gas Bill Payment: The giant electric and utility U.S. holding company Nicor Gas has been operating since 1954. At least 2 million customers, including residential homeowners and commercial customers, rely on Nicor Gas for their utility needs. In addition, this company provides natural gas service to about 1,800 square miles of Illinois.

Nicor gas introduced an online bill payment system to its gas customers. With this new service, Nicor Gas is trying to increase customer retention and profitability from its thousands of customers.

About Nicor Gas Company

The Southern Company’s subsidiary is a leading natural gas provider that serves northern Illinois residents. Nicor Gas provides natural gas service to about 1,800 square miles of the state.

Its customers get to enjoy safe and affordable services. The broader customer base motivated the corporation to introduce a quick and smart online payment to settle bills. You should have an account to enjoy the system’s robust features.

Nicor Gas Bill Payment

Why you need to have a Nicor Gas account

Before getting familiar with the platform features, let’s check on the benefits you might have when settling your Nicor Gas bill payments.

  1. Time-saving option

In-person payment is a time-consuming process. You must go to the facility, settle your bill, and wait for your turn to get served. In such a process, you may need to wait for a long time, which may require you to take more leave from work.

With this in mind, Nicor Gas has made the payment process convenient by introducing an online payment system. Customers are required to have an account before settling their bill payments online. You can use either computer or mobile device (phone) for the tasks (functionalities).

  1. The convenience of any location

The other reason you need to have an account is the convenience it brings to the table. If your run out of fuel, it is only sometimes possible to make it to the facility.

However, the online system lets you settle your bill payments at any location, home, or office.

  1.  Security is guaranteed

You might be wondering if paying online is safe on all fronts. Many people are skeptical when trying to use their device (computer or mobile phone) for online transactions, but rest assured that the Nicor Gas account and payment system uses state-of-the-art security systems. In addition, the company has ensured that its payment system is protected from cyber-attacks and secure from unauthorized access.

  1. Save money

Make your bill payment on a schedule that suits you. The system also allows you to send reminders to ensure no missed payments. You will also get email notifications and updates if changes happen to your account.

Use the credit card quickly, and receive rewards for a good credit score.

Nicor Gas Bill Payment – Requirements

Here are the requirements you need to have a Nicor Gas account.

  1. Valid email address

First, you are required to have a valid email address. It is because the company will send notifications of your bill payments through email. You will also receive updates and changes on your account through the same means.

  1. Credit/Debit card details

Although Nicor Gas provides payment options via bank transfer, they also accept credit and debit cards for online payment settlement. It makes it easy and convenient for most users to create their bill payments without worrying about the bank transfer payments pace.

  1. Location information

You are required to provide the zip code of your area and the address of the premises where you will settle your bill payment. This information is necessary to update their customer database (system) when there is a change which means new customers if you have moved to a new location.

How to Get an Account

Set up an account on Nicor Gas online system by doing this:

Nicor Gas Bill Payment

  • On the top-right side, you will find a registration link. Click on it.
  • Provide your name, and email address and proceed with subsequent screen instructions.
  • Complete and submit your details.

Login to Nicor Gas

Now that you have a valid and existing account, start by visiting the official website.


  • Put in your user ID and secure password to access the dashboard.
  • If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on the forgot password section on the page.
  • The action will prompt you to give your user ID and email to get instructions on changing your password.

Ways to settle Nicor Gas bill payments

You can use four bill payment modes to make your Nicor Gas bill payments.

  • On the website, using a credit/debit card
  • By phone using your credit/debit card
  • Automatic transfer to a Nicor Gas account is available if you have an account with them.
  • Please mail a check to Nicor Gas and send it to their office address you can find on the website contact form.


What happens in case of an exception?

Suppose you experience an error while trying to pay your bill. Please check your browser settings first. The problem might be on your end, maybe you need to enter the correct information, or the page may be temporarily down.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

While Nicor Gas accepts payment via credit/debit cards and automatic bank transfer payments, they also accept payment through the mail, check, or money order.


Nicor Gas bill payment system is one of the safest payment options. It is available for users of all kinds of employment statuses and nationalities. In addition, there are no requirements to have a bank account or any financial domicile to use the service.

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You can also enjoy reward points and discounts on your purchases when settling your bill on the Nicor Gas website portal.

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