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MyTacoBell is an employee login portal for Yum Brands Inc and its subsidiary companies like Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut. Therefore, if you are a current employee of Yum Brands or Taco Bell, use this H.R. portal. lets you view your pay stubs, benefits, working hours, discounts, print tax forms, and more. Apart from these services, this portal helps you to access H.R. queries online.

All you require to sign in to the MyTacoBell portal is to provide your login details which are your username and password. Therefore, in today’s guide, you will learn more about My Taco Bell login.

What is MyTacoBell Login?

My Taco Bell login portal is a platform where current employees of Yum Brands and its affiliates access human resource services online. This portal lets you view your work schedule, tax forms, pay stubs, time off requests, benefits, discounts, and others.

Visit and enter your valid login details to access your account. Contact the H.R. department or your manager for account details if you are a new employee. Furthermore, the portal is easy to use due to its simple user interface.

My Taco Bell Login Portal Requirements

The following are requirements you must have to access your MyTacoBell employee account.

  •  Valid MyTacoBell URL (
  •  Login credentials (Username or Employee ID and Password)
  • P.C., smartphone, laptop, or tablet
  •  Reliable internet connection
  •  Ensure you are a current employee of Taco Bell
  • The web browser should be JavaScript enabled

Therefore, if you have these requirements, learn how to log in to this web portal.

How to Login to MyTacoBell Employee Portal

Below are the steps to sign in to the My Taco Bell employee portal.

If the login credentials are correct, you will get access to your MyTacoBell employee account. Now view your work schedule, benefits, and more on the portal.


MyTacoBell Login Forgot Username or Password

Did you forget your username or password? Then, you should follow the steps to reset your username or password.

  •  Go to My Taco Bell login portal.
  • After the ‘login’ button, there is forgot your username or password.
  • Click the link
  • A new web page will load. For example, suppose you want to reset your password.
  • Enter your user I.D. and the numbers on the captcha section
  • Then click ‘continue.’
  • Answer the security questions
  • Now set a new password for your account and go back to the login page to access your account.

For those who forgot your username, use the steps below.

  • On, click ‘Forgot User ID.’
  • Select whether you are a U.S. or Non-US user
  • For U.S. users, click ‘Forgot User ID.’
  • Click ‘Proceed’ to continue.
  • Enter your first name and last name or surname
  • Then enter your date of birth, security pin, or the last five digits of your social security number.
  • Type in the numbers on the captcha section and click ‘submit.’
  • Now you will receive your username via email.

Suppose you are a non-US user; here are the steps you will take.



  • Select you are a non-US user
  • Then click forgot user I.D.
  • Choose to use a security pin or retrieve it using an email
  • For email, enter your work email address and enter the numbers on the captcha section
  • Click ‘retrieve user I.D.’
  • Tap on ‘Proceed’ to retrieve using the security pin
  • Enter your first and last name, date of birth, and security pin, and type in the number on the captcha
  • Now click ‘submit.’

You will reset your MyTacoBell login password or username using the above steps.

Benefits of MyTacoBell Employee Login Portal

As an employee of Taco Bell, you will get these benefits from the login portal.

Employee Discounts: Taco Bell employees get discounts on all the products by the company. To access the discounts, you need to login into your MyTacoBell account.

Health insurance, dental coverage, and vision coverage: All current and full-time employees get health insurance, basic dental, medical coverage, and optical medical coverage.

Maternity and Paternity Leave: For new parents and current/full-time employees of Taco Bell, you will get paid leave to take care of your newborn baby.

Time Off and Vacation: Taco Bell gives you a paid vacation of not less than two weeks. Also, they offer paid time off for current and full-time employees.

Flexible Hours: All Taco Bell employees have flexible working hours, depending on your availability. For this, you need to log in to the MyTacoBell portal.


Other benefits include;

  • 401 (K) Plan
  • Job training
  • Tuition assistance
  • Performance bonuses

MyTacoBell Contact Details

Use the following contact details to contact MyTacoBell login portal customer support.

  • +1 800 822-6235 – U.S.
  • +1 866 364-0846 Canada

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Final Verdict

This is all we had for you today about the MyTacoBell employee login portal. We hope that you now know the login steps, how to reset your password, and the username retrieval process. If you have a query, leave a comment, and we will assist you without hesitation.

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