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What Is MyHR ServiceMaster?

MyHR ServiceMaster is a renowned American company offering professional and high-quality cleaning, repair, and inspection services to commercial and residential buildings.

ServiceMaster acts in its employees’ best interests as well. It provides all the necessary information and data to the employees regarding their service benefits, schedules, policies, pay cheques, tax forms, request forms, HR needs, and other beneficiary plans. In addition, the employees can access some mind-blowing features by joining its Human Resources platform.

Registration/Login Guide

If you don’t have the login details, let’s look at the quick and easy registration guide first.

Registration Process:

To be able to log in, you first have to register at the myHR ServiceMaster. So, here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the registration process.

  • Click on the ‘New User’ tab.
  • Fill in all the required information like valid Employee ID, email address, and more.
  • Now you will get a verification link on the registered email. Click on the link and create a password.
  • Now use the same ID and password for login.

MyHR ServiceMaster Login Guide:

When you are done with the registration process, the next thing to do is log in to your employee account. 

Look at this step-by-step guide to get some help with Employee Login.

myhr servicemaster

  • The first step is to visit the official site of MyHR ServiceMaster (
  • It will redirect you to the login page.
  • Now type your credentials, i.e., your MyHR ServiceMaster login ID and password, in separate boxes.
  • Click ‘Submit,’ and it will take you to your MyHR service employee account’s dashboard.

Now you can explore multiple features that MyHR ServiceMaster offers you in the form of personal benefits, Tax forms, and other HR needs.

Forgot the Password? No, Problem

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it quickly by following a few simple steps.

  • You can find a ‘Forget Password’ option on the login page below the ID and Password boxes.
  • Click on that to enter the last password you remember.
  • If you don’t remember any password, you can add the login and choose the ‘Send the code on the email’ option.
  • Now enter the code you receive in the email on the window in front of you.
  • Now, please enter a new password and save it somewhere to avoid trouble later.

Conditions for Using MyHR ServiceMaster Employee Portal

To use MyHR ServiceMaster Employee Portal, you don’t require any special training or certificate. However, here are a few primary ‘Conditions’ that you must abide by:

  • You must be an employee.
  • You must have a valid employee ID.
  • You must have valid login credentials.
  • You must have a fast and secure web connection.
  • You must have a smart device to access the account.

Customer Support/ Contact Details

In case of any query or concern, you can contact the team of MyHR ServiceMaster.


Visit the official website and add the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Email
  • Subject (of your query or concern)
  • Your Message (describe the problem to get a proper solution)

Then Press “Send,” and any team representative will reply to you through your email at its earliest. 

MyHR ServiceMaster


You can also call if you live in the United States at 1-877-282-6372. Those living outside the United States can call on 847-883-0824.

Why Should You Use A ServiceMaster HR Employee Account?

It is a one-stop solution for all problems of the employees. Some of the key benefits are as follow:

  • It helps the employees’ Enroll’ for the service.
  • The employees can check all the details about their pay cheques, taxes, etc.,
  • It offers multiple HR actions.
  • It helps download the soft copy of w2.
  • It keeps the personal data of the employees saved.
  • The employees can easily update their profiles if they need to change any contact information, email address, residential address, etc.
  • It maintains the employees’ database easily.
  • Employees can see the payroll entries entered by their managers.

What If The Account Gets Locked?

In case your employee account gets locked for any security reasons. Don’t panic, and pause for a few seconds. Then, try again and see if it has started working. 

If it is still locked, contact the team immediately through the given helpline or number. The team will look into this matter and resolve it for you within a few minutes.

How Can You Update Any Information?   

Go to the main page of your account, choose the ‘Edit Personal Information’ option and update whatever is required. Then, save the changes and refresh the page.

Final Words

You will find all the necessary information regarding the MyHR ServiceMaster login portal here. It will help solve all of your problems. But if you still have queries or concerns, you will find the team at their toes to serve you.

We will get back to you with more ease and convenience every time. Till then, Good Luck!

Visit for more information. 

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