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MyHR Northwestern is a platform for staff welfare operated by Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Myhr Northwestern is handy for workers as it provides healthcare, hospitals, and so forth. 

Logging into the MyHR Northwestern platform is essential to enjoying Northwestern personnel perks, but it offers much more. If you are new to Northwestern, this article will be great for you; you will learn the Northwestern staff access procedures, university login, and other related details in this section.

What is Myhr Northwestern?

MyHR Northwestern is the official site for Northwestern University personnel managed by the university on behalf of its employees.

It is a web-based application for tracking staff operations and handling all employment material. In addition, the site allows for a variety of Northwestern benefit packages and assistance with any job issues.

Northwestern Myhr Requirements

MyHR Northwestern

To access MyHR at Northwestern, you must have the essential details listed below:

  • Login information for Northwestern MyHR
  • You must be working for Northwestern.
  • Internet access that is both fast and secure
  • A working email address

Northwestern Staff Access: MyHR Northwestern:

To access MyHeritage Northwestern, follow the steps below:

  • First, go to Myhr Northwestern’s website at
  • You will land on your user account.
  • Select the myHR LOGIN option.
  • Next, in the appropriate sections, input your Net ID and password.
  • To proceed, select the Login option.

You will land on your MyHR Northwestern profile. You may now access multiple work-related data sets and carry out several activities.

MyHR Northwestern

Myhr Northwestern: Advantages and Features

MyHR allows you to monitor transactions, edit the web directory, change contact details, administer perks, and access training classes.

The updated version of myHR relating to recruitment, perks, and compensation helps organizational and financial administrators manage positions available and record scheduling and paycheck details for their personnel, faculty, students, and affiliates

Northwestern University provides the industry’s staff perks. The following are some excellent Northwestern financial rewards and perks:

  • Plans for comprehensive healthcare
  • NU Wellness Initiative
  • A retirement plan that is perfectly matched
  • Matching dependent care
  • Tuition discounts for employees
  • Opportunities for advancement in one’s career
  • Staff incentive scheme

Myhr Features 

MyHR Learn is Northwestern’s one-stop shop for training, growth, and productivity. This digital platform’s features include the following:

  • The staff is enrolled in the required training process enabling them to satisfy their obligations.
  • Creates a consolidated place for registering for university learning and professional courses
  • Staff will get notifications of any new or necessary training, and success status will appear immediately.
  • Simplifies the procedure for formal qualifications
  • Users may rate and recommend courses to friends and coworkers and leave feedback for educational providers.

myHR playlists

You can use training items from myHR playlists to acquire on-demand skills with myHR Learn.

Lessons may not match your schedule. The collaboration with is fantastic, but you may never know whether online classes would be most beneficial to you. As a result, there are films and other materials that structure everything by topic, and anyone can download them whenever they want!

Sample the current playlists by visiting the official myHR Learn website and tapping “Career Growth.” If you are an independent worker or a manager, you will discover relevant materials for your current career growth requirements.

These playlists and tools will continue to evolve and develop as we extend our content and capabilities.

Uploading Material, Myhr Oracle Login Page

When a user attempts to submit a document to myHR, such as educational privileges or extra compensation, the Oracle login appears, and you may not upload any material.

However, before escalating, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check-in at
  • In the top-right corner of myHR, tap the three dots on the menu.
  • Select “My Favorites.”
  • Adjust the drop-down menu on Settings 
  • See Additional Features 
  • Accessible Design to “Computer program option.”
  • Hit the Save tab in the upper right corner of the homepage.
  • Below “Your customization has been set,” hit Okay. 
  • Exit your web page.

The Kronos Time Card at Northwestern

Kronos is accessible via the main myHR webpage. Northwestern staff and supervisors utilize the Kronos synchronization platform to;

  • Record time spent by biweekly-paid regular and temporary employees.
  • Add your vacation time (for all regular staff employees and faculty librarians).
  • Determine your workers’ work and leave arrangements.
  • See the Kronos manual homepage for additional details, including guidelines and task assistance.

Do You Require Help With The Myhr Northwestern User Account?

If you are experiencing troubles with MyHR Northwestern, you may receive immediate assistance through the following contacts;

Call the IT Help Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or write to [email protected] for more support and assistance on Northwestern Staff Access.


Simply put, Northwestern MyHR is an excellent platform that gives employees digital access to all Northwestern benefit plans. Staff may also control and track their work schedule, work notification services, and Northwestern Worker Perks using the platform.

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