MyHR Kohls Login at Myhr.Kohls.Com Employee Portal

Are you part of the MyHR Kohls associates? Well, you need to read through this guide to understand all the details about the employee login portal. As you purport to join the portal and become an active member, you must first understand the requirements, the process, the benefits, and all things you can do with the portal for your own benefit. Keep reading for more useful insights. 

Do you know that 80% of the Kohl’s employees don’t use all the benefits of MyHR Kohls online website? Don’t be one of them, read carefully to know everything about it.

What is Myhr Kohls, and what is its purpose?

MyHR Kohls is simply an employee login portal for associates and all Kohl’s employees. The portal allows all members and employees to connect, share ideas, and check work schedules, payments, and related matters. 

The platform’s purpose is to help users access HR services through the online platform since many users and employees need the same services. 

While it is quite hard, expensive, and tiresome to serve everyone physically, the platform makes everything achievable in a simplified manner. However, every member must have an account to access the portal and use the services. The HR department gives each member the username and password once employed during the orientation process to ease the whole process. We will take you through the processes of accessing your account and more details in the next sections. 

Requirements to access the Myhr Kohls login portal

Before you can access the employee login portal for Myhr Kohls, you must have the following:

  • The HR team usually gives a username and password for MyHR Kohl’s portal once you are employed. 
  • A smartphone, tablet, or any smart device like laptops
  • The official Myhr Kohls website or link for logging in process
  • A steady internet connection

Once you have all these details, the next step is understanding how to log in to the portal and access the services. 

Signing in or registering as a new Myhr Kohl’s user

Should you be a new user without an account with the Myhr portal, you can create a new employee login account through the following steps:

myhr kohls

  • Navigate through the Kohl’s alumni portal through the link, then click on the option “new user.” Just beneath the option “Forgot User ID or Password.”
  • Next, key in the last four numbers of your SSN – social security number, followed by your birth date.
  • Click continue, fill in the required details, and finish the registration process. 
  • Once you register, ensure you can remember the details you use because you will need the details every time you have to log in to your Myhr Kohls employee portal. 

MyHr Kohl’s Employee Portal Login 

Once you have registered your account, you can now log in and access the various services through the following steps:


  • First, on your browser, navigate through the official Myhr Kohl’s login page.
  • Next, you will be prompted to key in your MyHr Kohs username and password. (You can select the “remember me” option next to the login box for a quick login process the next time.
  • Now, press the sign-in option to continue. 
  • You can now access your employee portal. Simply explore all the things you need to in your account. Should you have forgotten the sign-in details, check what to do in the next steps.

How to resolve Myhr Kohls login issues

If you forget your username and password to your Myhr Kohl’s employee login details, you must select the “Need Help Signing In” option to resolve the problem. Next, follow the steps below:

How to reset MyHr Kohl’s Username

When you cannot remember the username you initially used to register or access your account, follow the steps below:

  • Select the “forgot username” option
  • Key in the valid email address you used for the MyHR Kohls registration process
  • Choose the send email option
  • Now, check your email, and follow the guidelines to reset your username. 
  • At this point, you will have another user name for your login portal.

How to reset Myhr Kohls password

  • Again, should you forget the password for your employee login portal, 
  • Key in your username, then select the option “continue.”
  • Follow the next prompts to set the new password for your account 
  • Now, you will have further details to access your account should you forget the initial information you used when registering the account. 

How to unlock Myhr Kohls account

If your Myhr Kohl’s account gets locked, you will need to unlock it. The process is easy; key in your username and any relevant information (personal) to retrieve your account.

How to log in as an alumnus and member of active associates:

At times, you can be a family member of an active Kohl’s employee or a former employee of the Kohl’s team. In such an instance, you can log in and access the wide range of benefits should you experience family disputes. Follow the steps below to access the Myhr Kohl’s employee portal as an alumnus or a family member.

  • Navigate through Kohl’s alums, spouses, and domestic partners.
  • Next, key in the employee user ID and password to log in. (You can opt to tick on remember me option for quick account access next time).
  • Select the alums login option
  • At this point, you will have complete access to the account, be it for the spouse or former associate, with ease, navigate and explore all that you can do. 

Note: You can contact 844-564-5747 – Kohl’s service center contacts if you forgot the alumni login details for guidelines to access the account. You can choose language options, one for English and two for Spanish. 

Top Benefits of Myhr Kohls employee login portal

Being a member of the Kohls team will have you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Retirement & financial benefits – Such as performance incentives, 401K retirement plan, and profit sharing, among other related benefits.
  • Healthcare benefits include flexible spending accounts, disability insurance, and health insurance, among many others.
  • Time off – such as sick leaves, paid bereavement leaves, and paid holidays, among other benefits.


As a Myhr Kohl’s employee or alums, follow the above advice, create an account and become a member to enjoy the wide range of services and benefits the platform offers. 

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