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Are you part of the Jefferson employee team? Or are you on the move to joining the Jefferson employee and becoming part of the active employees? It would be best if you read this guide to the end to discover how you can join the Myhr Jefferson employee portal, explore the features, and enjoy the platform’s wide range of employee benefits. 

What is Myhr Jefferson Employee Login Portal?

Jefferson is an education-based company based in Philadelphia with many employees dedicated to delivering top-notch services to enable the company to achieve its goals and objectives. 

As part of the initiative to create smooth and manageable working conditions for all employees, the company has an established online platform, the Myhr Jefferson Employee login portal. 

Myhr Jefferson

All Jefferson employees can create their respective accounts using the correct details and log into the portal to access various services. 

Apart from making work manageable for all employees, the platform offers its users a wide range of benefits. The next sections will highlight all the requirements, processes, features, and benefits you will get as a Jefferson employee once you create an account and access the Myhr Jefferson employee login portal. 

Requirements to access Myhr Jefferson employee login portal


Before you can log in and access all the features, information, and benefits from the Myhr Jefferson employee login portal, you will need to meet the following basics:

  • You must have an official email address
  • You will need a smart gadget with a reliable internet connection
  • An official Myhr Jefferson employee login page
  • Accurate login credentials; the correct username and the respective password

With the above details in place, you must be an active Jefferson University employee. 

Myhr Jefferson Employee Features and Benefits

Once you meet all the access to the portal requirements, you will access the following features and benefits from the platform’s dashboard:

  1. You will access and adjust working shifts to suit your schedules, enabling you to meet your other life goals and objectives.
  2. Through the portal, you will access and claim your benefits instantly
  3. You will access instant email notifications and work-related news – this will help you adequately prepare yourself. 
  4. You will enjoy access to a platform offering maximum data security
  5. Through the platform, you can access and adjust your data
  6. The portal offers easy access to manage paycheck-related benefits. 

How to access Myhr Jefferson Employee Login Portal – The steps to follow

Once you confirm that you meet all the requirements to access the Jefferson employee login portal, the next processes are easy. Simply follow the steps as highlighted below:

Myhr Jefferson

  1. Navigate through the official Myhr Jefferson employee login portal
  2. You will view the official Jefferson employee login page
  3. Key in your respective campus, then select the option “next” to continue
  4. Now, key in your password, then select next to continue
  5. You will now view the official Myhr Jefferson account dashboard. 
  6. On the dashboard, you can explore different features, perform work-related actions, adjust your profile details, and claim benefits.

How to reset Myhr Jefferson Employee login password

When you cannot remember your Myhr Jefferson account password, you do not need to create another account or stop accessing the portal’s features. You can reset your password through the following easy steps:

  1. Navigate through the official Myhr Jefferson employee login portal
  2. Select the “forgot your password” option
  3. You will be taken to a page prompting you to key in your details
  4. The next details will guide you through creating a new password (choose one password, easy to remember)
  5. Now, confirm the password, then click next to continue. Finish up the next steps, log into your account once more, access the dashboard’s features, and enjoy smooth working through the portal. 

How to contact Jefferson Human Resources Customer Service

Should you experience trouble accessing your Myhr Jefferson employee login portal, you can reach out to the relevant teams using the following details for technical assistance:

[email protected] – Official Jefferson HR customer services email

215-503-HRSC (215-503-4772) – Official Jefferson HR contacts. 


  • Department of Human Resources.
  • HR Service Center,
  • 833 Chestnut Street, 9th Floor
  • Philadelphia, PA 19107


Jefferson Company, like any other entity, is dedicated to offering the best to its employees. When the employees have a smooth working environment, all the work and tasks related to the company are handled professionally, maximizing production. Besides, various employee benefits motivate and push the employees to work even better, enhancing the company’s steady growth.

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So, are you part of the Jefferson University employees? Take chances, create a Myhr Jefferson employee login account and be part of the online platform where you run your work schedules and access top features and benefits from the company. 

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