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Are you part of Myhr JDI employees, or are you about to join the team and become part of the employees? Then you need to review this guide to the end to learn how to access the Myhr JDI employee login portal, the features, the benefits, and all other activities you can explore through the portal. 

However, before you can access the portal, you need crucial login credentials to meet the set requirements discussed in the next sections. 

What you need before you can access the Myhr JDI employee login portal

If you are a new employee or already a member and wondering where to begin before accessing the Myhr JDI employee login portal, you will need to meet the following details and requirements:

Myhr JDI

  • An official email address for registering the account
  • An official Myhr JDI web page
  • A steady and fast internet connection
  • Credentials for logging in and accessing the Myhr JDI portal; the username and password
  • A smart JavaScript-enabled device; a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet

Note: With the above requirements in place, you must be an active JDI employee to access the login details and log into the portal. 

Benefits of joining the Myhr JDI employee login portal

Once you become part of the JDI portal, you will access the following features and benefits:

  • View and apply for available promotions in the company
  • Enjoy a platform offering data security
  • Access to paystub services
  • Review and adjust personal details such as personal details birth date and contact details
  • Access and review the company’s latest news and upcoming events
  • Raise concerns, share ideas with fellow JDI portal members, and get instant feedback.
  • Review and adjust work shifts to meet other objectives
  • Review and claim your benefits easily
  • Plan your work schedules for a smooth working environment
  • Access and review work-related notifications to always stay updated
  • You can request paid leaves whenever you need to.
  • Access to sick leaves

How to log in to Myhr JDI Portal – Steps to follow

Before you access the portal, first of all, make sure you meet the requirements and criteria for joining the platform. Next, follow the steps below and access the Myhr JDI portal:

  • Navigate through the Myhr JDI official employee login page
  • You will see the official Myhr JDI login page; click on the option you will see to continue
  • Now, key in the login credentials; the username in the first field will appear
  • Now key in your password in the next (second field).
  • Choose the sign-in option to log in successfully.

At this point, you will access the Myhr JDI account’s dashboard, where you can review various features and perform various activities on the portal. 

Myhr JDI

How to Reset Myhr JDI login details

In the event you forget your username or password to access the Myhr JDI employee login portal, you can reset the details and access your account through the following simple steps:

Resetting the password

In the event you remember the username but forgot the password, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate through the official Myhr JDI employee login page
  • Select the “reset password” option
  • Now check the email, open the link
  • Follow the next prompts to recover your password.

Myhr JDI

Resetting the username

If you cannot remember your username for the Myhr JDI employee login portal, do the following:

Contact the HRSS client services or the HR team for help via 1-855-JDI-HRSS / 1-855-534-4777. 

Still, you can email the support team for extensive help through [email protected].

Note: If you are a new member and can’t figure out how to access the portal, be sure to contact the support team through the contact details above for help. 

The contact details are open from 8 am to 6 pm Atlantic time. 

Should you need to contact the team or support center for any help during off hours, contact them at (506) 632-6411. 

Myhr JDI Frequently Asked Questions

Can a new member access the benefits from the portal?

Yes, as soon as you sign up and access the portal, you can access all the benefits and features from the dashboard.

Can I contact Myhr JDI for support services during odd hours?

Yes, for any urgent information or burning issue, contact the support center at (506) 632-6411.

How soon can I claim my benefits?

As long as you can review and access your benefits, you can claim them whenever you need them.

Do I need to create a new account if I forget my login details?

No. You don’t need to create multiple accounts. You can always reset the details and restore your original account.

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As a Myhr JDI employee member, do not be left behind. Be on the front line to put your details in order, create, login, and access the Myhr JDI portal for smooth work operation. Through the platform, you will save yourself from having to physically wait to solve work-related issues. 

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