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Myhr Best Buy site acts as ago to shop for all logistical demands for all workers. Workers can log in to their working profiles and handle their applicable perks. This post will provide further details on the login procedure to enable Best Buy employees to use their memberships.

Best Buy is a commercial goods shop headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, with over 100,000 employees. The company has developed an online gateway to reduce operational strain.

Do you know that 75% of the Best Buy employees don’t use all the benefits of online website? Don’t be one of them, read carefully to know everything about it.

Let’s begin with some fundamental considerations to enhance your Best Buy. My HR interface encounter is smoother. There are other steps for logging in and accessing your credentials. Read on to find out more.

Myhr Best Buy

What Is Myhr Best Buy?

The Best Purchase My HR interface is a web portal where workers may manage their employment-related activities. Workers may access their paycheck stubs, transactional records, job perks, retail coupons, insurance service plans, rosters and calendars, sabbatical requests, and more using this service.

Login Requirements:

  • You will need a computer, tablet, or Smartphone to use My HR web portal
  • You must have reliable internet access to avoid interruptions while using your staff account online, 
  • To navigate the portal, use a compatible browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You must obtain your Best Buy information. Myhr worker login details will be sent to your official email address upon hiring.

Myhr Best Buy

How Can You Access Your User Account at MyHr Best Buy?

Upon hire, each individual will get a user ID. You may enjoy the staff perks and privileges of having your account by using the following login details: However, if you do not have your login details, please call your HR or management staff for assistance.

Follow these easy methods to get into your account if you already have your staff login details:

  • Browse the Myhr Best Buy website at to log in to your Best Buy staff profile.
  • Click the “Log In” option on the right-hand side beneath the “Existing Staff?” column on the portal.
  • You will land on the user account page, where you may input your login information.
  • Input the username for your account.
  • Provide the password for your account.
  • To use your Best Buy staff profile, hit “Login.”
  • To use your Best Buy staff profile, hit “Login.”

Benefits of Myhr Best Buy: Myhr Login Characteristics

It allows you to access the following capabilities:

  • Adjust or swap existing shifts.
  • Check and modify the working plan.
  • It is simple to apply for assistance.
  • Messages relating to work are easily accessible.
  • Monitor and control your wages and perks.
  • Accessibility to employee data is simple.

How to redeem the staff coupon at Best Buy

Can you get a staff discount while shopping online? Yes. Users must have Best Buy membership and activate it in the Best Buy staff interface to accomplish this. If you perform this action on a device outside the establishment where you operate, the system will deny you access.

Best Buy Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • 866-MY-BBY-HR is the number to call for Best Buy’s HR Support Department (866-692-2947).
  • Contact details for Best Buy’s Main Desk: 612-291-1000
  • The new employee’s contact information is 1-800-604-6570.
  • Best Buy telephone support number: 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289) Aon Hewitt 401 K plan phone number: 1-866-475-6733
  • W-9 Work-at-Home Contact Information: To obtain a copy of a W-9, dial 1-612-291-4721.

Best Buy Myth: Interesting Links

  • is the main site. Sign in to MyHR Best Buy.
  • is the authorized website of Best Buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I Acquire My Best Buy W2 Digitally?

Best Buy cannot email you your W2 document unless you are a temporary worker or have expressly requested it. To obtain it, sign in to the HR portal and navigate to “My Aline” underneath the “Payment” option. You may see and download your W2 document there.

  1. How Can I Check the Status of My Best Buy Profile?

Pay with Rewards is a Best Buy feature that lets you utilize your credits from qualifying incentive programs at Upon checkout, hit the “Check Points Status” option to view your current balance.

  1. What Do Best Buy Employees Get Paid?

Best Buy employees with official Technician titles earn the most money, earning $22.14 per hour. But those working as Customer Support Associates make the least, with an overall hourly basis of $11.85.

  1. Do Best Buy Employees Receive Raises?

Annually, however, if you do not voice your concerns, they may not always provide them to you. There is a potential for an increase each year on your hiring anniversary. Every year raises given following an appraisal. If you thrive at work, you may earn an extra 7% increase depending on your productivity.


You should now be well-versed in the MyHR Best Buy Login procedure. This article includes all you need to use your Best Buy staff login. If you have more questions, please call the Best Buy HR Support Department at 866-692-2947. To do job verification over the phone, dial 1 800 604 6570. Cheers!

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