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Every employee at Oracle has probably had a reason to log in to MyHR Altec at some point. The human resource department usually manages the login portal.

This article is designed to be a complete guide on logging into MyHR and managing your profile at Oracle. We’ll take you through what you’ll need and how to do it so that you can log in without any problems next time.

Do you know that 70% of the Altec employees don’t use all the benefits of MyHR Altec online website? Don’t be one of them, read carefully to know everything about it.

About MyHR Altec portal

The MyHR portal is a self-service project management application that allows Oracle employees and vendors to create and manage projects, submit & approve timesheets, view team information within projects, and check on project status.

It aims to reduce the amount of paperwork done in a typical work environment by using electronic forms of communication and record-keeping.

It means you will do your work faster and more efficiently than ever. The MyHR login portal is designed for use by Oracle employees only.

The MyHR Altec Login Portal uses Oracle Access Manager for authentication and authorization. It is designed to be self-service and easy for employees or vendors. Once you have logged in, you can submit your timesheet through the Oracle Access Manager interface, view all your personal information in a dashboard, contact customer support using the Oracle Badge Helpdesk service and even perform online banking.

MyHR Altec login credentials – required information

When logging in to your account, you might need these:

  • The official web address is
  • Strong and secure Internet connection
  • A valid email address, password, and user ID
  • A valid phone number
  • A good knowledge of Oracle employee numbers, including the project and the function.

Myhr Altec – How to login

Here are simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to the official site
  2. A login interface will prompt you to enter respective input fields for user ID and password. 
  3. Once you enter the valid login credentials, check on the Enable Accessibility mode mark. Then, click on the login button.

Myhr Altec


You will be redirected to a dashboard containing all your work and profile details.

Myhr Altec – Add a new Employee

Adding a new employee is done through an online form. You need to know the full first name, last name, and project number of the person you wish to add. You can also add an image of that person by clicking on the Add a photo button. 

It is from the Oracle system administrator perspective, but this section is “Oracle administration” related. But for sure MyHR portal content, you can find some knowledge about all topics presented in this section.

Myhr Altec

Myhr Altec Employee portal – Benefits and features

Once you have an account added, you will enjoy these employees’ perks and benefits:

  1. Simple to claim benefits

You set up your payroll and benefit plans before you need them.

  1. Payroll and Benefits calendar

You can see exactly how much you owe for this month’s payroll, what dues you have accrued for that quarter, and how much benefits are payable to you.

  1. Share your health insurance costs with your family

You can share a portion of your premium cost with your spouse or partner if they work in an eligible position at Oracle.

  1. Work shifts and hours

You can view your work schedule, including regular and on-call shifts, which you can change at any time.

  1. Leave information

You can see accumulated leave balances and plan for upcoming leaves. 

  1. Personal details are easily accessible from anywhere

You can visit to view all the information that is related to your profile, such as personal details, changes, updates, and the status of your requests or Myhr portal info.

If you forget your password to log in to the MyHR portal, you can easily access for resetting the password using the email address that you have used for creating your MyHR profile.

  1. Work email access

Your account gives you access to your work email and allows you to use the messaging features of Oracle Access Manager.

  1. Promotion opportunities

You can see promotion opportunities for your profile and choose whether to apply.

Get in touch with Myhr Altec.

If you are facing difficulties, this information might help you:

  • Reach the Human Resources service center. You can find their precise location on their official website. Or, inquire from +1.650.506.7000 or +1.800.392.2999

Myhr Altec


What is Myhr Altec Login?

MyHR Altec login is an online portal for Oracle employees to access their benefits and payroll information, manage their profiles, and be updated about the latest news about any event.

Is the site secure?

The MyHR Altec login is an e-portal protected with adequate security measures. However, it would help if you took precautions to keep your password confidential. Therefore, you are strongly advised to change your password periodically.

Is it easy to access the Login Portal?

To access the MyHR Altec login portal, you need to know the employee number assigned during the onboarding process. After you have logged in, you will get to a dashboard where you can view all information about your data and profile.


Myhr Altec portal comes in handy to help you to manage your work and personal information and benefits while an employee at Oracle.

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