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Are you an Aldi employee? Then there is the MyHR Aldi employee login guide. Aldi’s HR portal gives all workers access to all human resource services online. Whether it is work problems, benefits, managing work schedules, or new notifications, you will get all this information through

This portal is for current, former, and retired Aldi employees. Non-employees cannot access the portal. If it happens, you can be punished by law. Therefore, to log in to the MyHR Aldi portal, you must have your login name and password.

Apart from showing you the login steps in this guide, you will learn how to request a new password and more.

Let’s begin.

What is MyHR Aldi Employee Login Portal?

MyHR Aldi is a web portal that gives access to human resource services to current and former Aldi employees. This online platform allows you to manage your work schedule, contact the HR department, claim benefits and promotion applications, view or download paychecks, and more. All you need is to have your login name and password.

Therefore, go to to sign in to your MyHR Aldi account. Suppose you find a challenge, contact the help desk for assistance.

The Requirements to log in to MyHR Aldi Portal

Signing in to the MyHR Aldi web portal requires the following details.

  • A tablet, smartphone, PC, or laptop with a JavaScript-enabled web browser
  • Stable internet connection
  • Your login name and password
  • Official MyHR Aldi URL

MyHR Aldi Login Portal Rules

The MyHR Aldi employee login portal has rules that you must follow. They include;

  • To access the portal, you must be a current or former Aldi employee
  • The portal is only for all employees who Aldi registers
  • Ensure that you have a valid email address which is in the company’s HR department

Note: Non-employees who try or gain access to this portal will answer data breach charges.

Guide on How to Login to MyHR Aldi Login Portal

MyHR Aldi

Here are the steps to sign in to the Aldi HR web portal.

  • Visit MyHR Aldi official portal (
  • On the login page, type in your login name and password
  • Then click ‘login.’
  • You will be redirected to your MyHR Aldi account to access the portal

Suppose you have a challenge with your account’s password; continue reading to learn how to reset your password.

MyHR Aldi Portal: Request for New Password

Retrieving your account’s password is simple. Follow the steps below to request a new password.

  • Go to My HR Aldi login page
  • Now click ‘request new password.’
  • Verify yourself and follow the steps by entering the essential details
  • You will receive an email with a link to reset a new password
  • Set a new password and log in to your My HR Aldi online account

What are the Benefits of the MyHR Aldi Login Portal?

This login portal by Aldi has these benefits for its employees.

  • Viewing and Managing Work Schedule – You can view your weekly work schedule as an employee. This will help you in planning your working hours.
  • Changing Shift – unlike before, you had to visit the HR office for shift change. This portal enables you to request a change of Shift.
  • Downloading and Viewing Paychecks – MyHR Aldi portal lets you view and download your paycheck on your device. Therefore, no need to ask for a hard copy of your pay stub.
  • Claiming Benefits or Rewards – Did you accumulate overtime hours? Then through this portal, you can claim such benefits or company rewards.
  • Promotion Application – Suppose you want a promotion. Get to apply for this through My HR Aldi portal.
  • Apply for paid or unpaid leaves – whenever you get an emergency or want to go on vacation, you can apply for paid or unpaid leave via the portal.
  • View work-related emails and information – this portal allows you to get work emails and news on time.

MyHR Aldi

MyHR Aldi Contact Information

Are you experiencing a challenge while accessing the Aldi HR login portal? Then there are the customer support details you should use.

If you have a recruitment inquiry, use [email protected]

About Aldi

Aldi is a discount supermarket chain headquartered in Essen and Mulheim, Germany (Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, respectively). This company comprises Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, whose owner is a  German family. Aldi operates more than 11000 stores in twenty countries.

Moreover, Aldi Nord has about 2500 stores in thirty-five regions, while Aldi Sud has 1900 stores in thirty-one areas in Germany. Apart from Germany, it has stores in other countries like Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, China, Belgium, Austria, and others. Globally, Aldi Nord has over 5000 stores while Aldi Sud has over 7000.

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MyHR Aldi portal gives Aldi employees an easier way to access HR services. We hope this guide has given you insights on how to log in to My HR Aldi, reset passwords, and benefits. If you have a question about the Aldi HR portal, comment.

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