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My Anfcorp: Abercrombie and Fitch’s official employee login site portal,, is a swift platform for some workers to enjoy a wide range of benefits. A number of the benefits included are various benefits, employee discounts, perks, and so much more.

Features of an Anfcorp Employee Login Portal

The site is user-friendly and interactive and gives the employees ease and comfort in logging in no matter what time of the day or night. 

Important Note: Some studies cliam that 70% of the AnF employees don’t use all the benefits of online website? Don’t be one of them, read carefully below to know everything about them.

Here are some features of this site that you can get:

  1. Acquire exclusive information regarding Abercrombie & Fitch Company

The has been designed to give all the employees quick access to all their records and services and allow them to participate in various promotions via email and social media networks.

  1. View Employee Overview

The site has been designed with the objects to provide all the employees easy access to their information. The site allows you to view your employee’s data. The personal data includes your name, phone number, address, and social security number.

  1. Check out all your employee’s benefits.

The has been constricted in such a way that allows you to look at your employee’s benefits, coupons, discounts, and deals.

  1. Make changes to your Personal Information.

Anfcorp employee portal can also allow you to change your personal information, such as an address, email address, and payment details. In addition, you can easily edit any personal information on the site and view a detailed record of all your previous activities.

  1. Achieve more significant levels of productivity

It has been designed to enable easy access to different resources to help you achieve better results at work. The site is designed so that it provides you with easy access to valuable articles and resources that will assist you in having a positive impact on your productivity level at work.

  1. Participate in Abercrombie and Fitch Corporatewide competitions

Changing your data on the site is relatively easy, and you are entitled to participate in all corporatewide competitions. In addition, the site has been built to give you complete access to different kinds of resources and information and easy access to exclusive promotional gifts.

  1. Achieve more significant levels of efficiency

The site has been designed to enable easy access to different kinds of resources to help you achieve greater efficiency at work.

abercrombie & fitch

Employee Login Requirements

To be able to access the site and your account, here are the requirements:

  1. Employee Number/Last 4 of Social Security Number/Date of Birth
  2. Password/PIN is case-sensitive.
  3. Email Address (If you do not have an email address, you must create one by clicking on Create Email Address.)
  4. A good and secure internet connection network.

How to get an Employee ID (EID) and Password?

The Human Resources Department in your office or any of their representatives can obtain the employee ID. You will have to provide them with valid proof and identification before they issue you a new password. You need to note that this is an internal number that only My Anfcorp employees are entitled to. 

The employee ID can consist of either 5 or 6 numbers. In addition, some of the digits in this ID could consist of zeroes, meaning it could be a shorter number than shown on a piece of paper.

My Anfcorp Site Login Steps

My anfcorp

The following steps need to be followed to login into

  • The first step you need to follow is to click on the link to the My Anfcorp employee portal website and then click on sign in. 
  • The next step is you will be asked for your username and password, after which a page will open up that allows you to login into your account. If you are new, you must fill out all the required personal information before logging into your account, including name, address, phone number, and social security number.
  • Once you have logged in, kindly note down the username and password on your data. The username usually is your surname, and the password is typically the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Once you are done with that, you need to go back a step and click on sign in again. It will take you back to your initial page, after which you need to enter your username and password again. For example, it will get you logged into If you are asked for a new password, join the same one for all subsequent logins. If the site is new, you will not be required to change your password.

Portal Support Reach Out

For further magnification about portal usage, do not hesitate to contact 1-866-367-1892. Also, send an email to [email protected] Or [email protected]


Anfcorp employee portal is much more intuitive and can quickly familiarize anyone with the relative features and plenty of benefits. Therefore, every staff should leverage this portal and have an easier time at work.

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