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FLICA Login: CAE Inc is one of the top global designers and manufacturers of air crafts. Over the 60 years old company has focused on making military training aircraft and has produced over 9,000 aircraft. Most airforces worldwide use CAE’s products to train their pilots for their reliability and efficiency. 

Besides aircraft manufacturing, the company also offers training and technology simulation services to industries like mining and healthcare. CAE is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and has employed over 8000 workers in more than 30 countries.


Recently, CAE has developed various technologies to help more air forces train their pilots efficiently. Among these new technologies is Flight Crew Access System (FLICA)

 Which begs our next question. 

What is FLICA?

FLICA is a Flight Crew Access portal used by United Airlines. This web-based system allows airforces to monitor and manage the training of pilots more quickly and efficiently. 

FLICA also provides pilots with a central repository where they access all the critical training information tailored for each pilot, including; training records, flight logs, and performance data.

If you’re a pilot or flight attendant, the system gives you an easy login process, access your schedules, request time off, or bid on available time locks.

You can update your contact details and view your colleagues’ details. This is an incredible way to keep in touch with fellow workers in different airports. 

Through FLICA, airforce trainers can easily track the progress of the trainee pilots and adjust training accordingly.

The benefit of having an airline access system 

The Flight Crew Access system is an important portal for every airline. The following are key benefits of using FLICA.

The system simplifies the tracking and management of employee records by eliminating paperwork.

It helps in the real-time tracking of employees, making it easy to know their whereabouts, and grants authorized individuals access to sensitive areas.

FLICA can integrate with other security systems like badge access and video surveillance to provide detailed security information fast.

The system records employee work activity which may increase productivity and work efficiency. 

The system is used in tracking employee training and certification to help inspectors get insights that the individual qualified for their duties.

The system can be fully customized to fit different airline needs, thus making it valuable for various airline operations. 

FLICA Login Step-by-step

Log in to the platform is straightforward. The following steps should help you access your account immediately.

  • Go to the official website for Flight Crew Acces Login at www.flica.net


  • You’ll be prompted to the login page.
  • Fill in the login input boxes with your employee ID and Password. Then, if the device you’re using is yours, you can click on remember me to access your account anytime without inputting your logging details manually.
  • Click on the green SIGN IN button.

Note that when you log in for the first, you’ll be prompted to change your password and then redirected to your FLICA dashboard.

Here, you can update your personal contact information, view your schedules, request time, bid on any available time blocks, and all the other benefits mentioned above.

FLICA Login Password Reset Guide

Have you forgotten your FLICA Password? The steps below will guide resetting your password and accessing your account again.

  • Visit the official FLICA signing page at www.flica.net
  • Click to open the  I forgot my password link
  • Enter your valid employee ID in the relevant input box
  • Click on the submit button

Check your email inbox; you’ll receive an email from FLICA with guidelines on creating a new password and accessing your account again.

Remember to follow those instructions carefully.

FLICA Customer Support

If you need technical support or professional help regarding FLICA, you can reach their customer help desk via any of the contact details below.

  • CAE Crew Member Technical Support: 1-877-321-3472
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Monday to Friday: 0700-1800 (EST) 
  • Surtadays: 0900-1700(EST)

FLICA Schedule Codes

All your flight schedules are coded. The list below shows the popular codes you’ll see on your schedule.

PIC: Pilot In Command

SIC: Second In Command 

Block: The total time you’ll spend in the air from departure until arrival.

Trip: A single flight or series of flights you’ll take between two points

Deadhead: A flight that is not carrying passengers, also called a “ferry flight.”

Canceled: A flight that has been canceled 

Duty Day: When you report to work or duty and are released from duty. Duty days vary, and they can be up to 16 hours long.

FLICA Login Payroll

You can use your FLICA login account to view W-2 forms and pay stubs. Follow the steps below to access your payroll details.

  • Visit the FLICA login page and sign in to your account
  • On the dashboard, click on the payroll stub
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select the pay period you want to view

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You’ll be able to view your selected payroll information. Contact your flight payroll department for clarification if you have a question regarding your payroll benefits.

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