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Express HR Kroger enables employees of Kroger to view and download paystubs, edit profile information, enable\change direct deposits, modify the W-4 form, and securely manage their accounts. To access Kroger ExpressHR, you must have your user ID and password. Furthermore, ensure you have a smart device and internet connection to sign in to your account at

This guide will inform you about the Express HR Kroger login portal. Therefore, as a Kroger employee, ensure you read this article to learn more.

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What is Express HR Kroger?

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Kroger ExpressHR is an online web portal that allows Kroger workers to view, download, or save pay stubs. Additionally, through this portal, you can modify your direct deposit, personal information, and total compensation. Furthermore, ExpressHR allows you to request tax filings, check your W-2 online form, and see your weekly shift.

ExpressHR Kroger Details

Portal Name Express HR Kroger
Portal Type Login Portal
Language English
Requirements EUID and Password
Country U.S.A.
Users Kroger employees

Requirements for Kroger HR Express Login

HR Express is a portal for current and new Kroger employees. To sign in, you require the following things.

  • The official Express HR Kroger website URL (
  • Login details (EUID and password)
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC

Suppose you are a new employee; contact the Kroger HR department or store manager. They will assist you in getting your EUID and password.

HR Express Kroger Rules

The following are Kroger Express HR rules you must follow.

  • Accessible to Kroger employees only
  • Ensure you have a EUID and password
  • Never share your user ID and password with another person
  • Use the official URL to sign in to your Express HR portal

When you attain these rules, you can log in to your account.

Benefits of Kroger ExpressHR

As a Kroger employee, why should you use HR Express? There are various benefits of using Express HR Kroger. They include;

  • Enables you to manage your profile details
  • Modify your W-4 form
  • View, save, or print your paystub
  • Get to change your contact details like residential address or phone number.
  • Contact other employees directly
  • Check your W-2 form online

You will receive these benefits when you log in to your Express HR account. Also, this applies to all Kroger employees, and non-employees who try to sign in to this portal will face legal action.

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How to Login to Express HR Kroger Portal

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Here are the steps you should use to access your HR Express account.

  • Visit
  • Enter your enterprise user identification number and password
  • Click I Agree to accept the terms and conditions
  • Now tap ‘login’ to access your account

By completing this process, check, save, or print your Kroger pay stub.

How to Check and Print Ess Kroger Paystub

Once you sign in to your account, click the paystub you want to view. Kroger enables employees to view paystubs for the previous thirty months. Select the paystub you wish to view and check the details.

Suppose you want to print the Ess Kroger Paystub; use your device shortcut for printing. For example, if you use a Windows device, click CTRL + P simultaneously to print it on your printer. Also, use the same shortcut to save your paystub as a pdf file. Furthermore, press Command + S to save your document using a Mac device. Additionally, press Command + P to print on your printer.

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How Long Will a New Employee Get Login Details?

Are you a new Kroger employee? Then you require to log in details to access Suppose you don’t have to contact the Kroger HR department or store manager. The process of creating your sign-in information will take 14 days. Therefore, you must be patient before you get a chance to log in to Express HR Kroger.

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ExpressHR Kroger Contact Information

Do you have any problems with your Kroger pay stub? Or can’t you access your account? Then contact Kroger’s help desk using this phone number.

  • +1 800 952-8889 or +1 877 373-3397


Thank you for reading to the end. We hope that you have learned more about Express HR Kroger. Ensure you follow the login process to view, save, or print your pay stub. Additionally, follow the rules and have all the requirements to visit Finally, contact us by leaving a comment if you have an issue.

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