What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Open and Close?

Dunkin Donuts Open and Close Hours: Dunkin Donut restaurants all over the US have almost typical working hours. The branches open between 5 AM and close around 9 PM or 10 PM during weekdays. The weekend hours are slightly different because most branches o[en at 6 AM and close by 9 PM.

However, the stores are managed and operated under different franchises. Meaning each franchise has its other working. For that, some restaurants are always open 24 hours, so be sure to research your local joint before concluding.

Dunkin Donuts

What is Dunkin Donuts Holiday Hours?

The popular fast food restaurant operates on most of the holidays. Some of the popular holidays that the restaurant works include; 

  • Hanukkah, 
  • Christmas Eve and 
  • Christmas Day
  • Mothers day
  • Fathers day
  • Columbus day
  • Labor day
  • Veterans day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter 
  • Martin Luther King day
  • Presidents day
  • Independence day

However, double-check with your local store because the opening and closing hours on holidays vary based on location.

Dunkin Donuts Special Event Hours

Occasionally, Dunkin Donuts conducts special events during certain hours. To get more insights on the special hour events, you need to contact the customer service department of your local store.

How Do I Find the Hours of Operation at My Nearest Dunkin Donuts

You can easily check the working hours when your closest Dunkin Donuts serves breakfast. Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Visit the official Dunkin Donuts at www.dunkindonuts.com/en. Another way is to type on google search the keywords Dunkin Donuts.

STEP 2: Hover to the top left of the Dunkin Donuts home page. There’s a website location menu. Click the menu to prompt a page that will direct you to the location search bar. 

If you click on the option to allow location access, your address details will automatically fill out the form. The information you can fill in this form includes your state, city, or county.

STEP 3: Enter your location address in the search bar and click the button. In case you need to narrow down your results, use the filter features on the right of your screen.

After searching, the website will display all the Dunkin Donuts restaurants operating near the area you searched. Alongside comes a map with all branches corresponding to your location proximity.

STEP 4: Click on your preferred spot to view its details on the View Details option. Once here, you can see the location’s operation hours, contact details, store features, address and navigation route, and more.

Another option to find a location’s working hours is to visit this Dunkin Donuts page. It has all Dunkin Donuts restaurants. This list is arranged state-wise. So go through the states, select your county or city, and the location close to you.

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In Conclusion

Dunkin Donuts is committed to offering delicious breaks fast with their coffee and signature glazed donuts. Back then, restaurants operated only during morning hours, but with increased customer demand, you could get donuts almost any time. So check out the hours your nearest location works.

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