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ACES ETM Login: Employees are the foundation of any business. They work together to level up a company and contribute 50% to its success. So it is important to take care of them. Like every successful business, L Brand cares about its employees and strives to make everything easy for them.

L Brands offers many benefits to its employees, such as health and life insurance and advocacy services. ACES ETM login portal is another useful tool for its employees. It is an online platform that allows L Brands employees to access their information, direct deposit information, and pay stubs.

If you are an employee of L Brands, then this article is for you. You will be provided with a complete guide on how to log in to your ACES ETM Portal account, reset your password, and create a new account here. So let’s start with an introduction to L Brand.


About L Brands 

Limited brands (Bath & Body Works, Inc.) is an American retail company based in Columbus, Ohio. It is one of the largest companies in America, which sells baths, lotion, perfume, sanitary items, candles, underwear, cosmetics, and apparel. More than 59000 employees work there.

In February 2020, L Brands decided to sell its Victoria’s Secret division to Sycamore Partners. Under the deal, Sycamore Partners will acquire a 55 percent controlling stake in Victoria’s Secret while L Brands will retain a 45 percent stake, making Bath and Body Work the sole L Brand business.

The sale broke down in May 2020, and Wexner stepped down as CEO as planned, replaced by Andrew Maslow. In March 2021, L Brands announced that it would convert Victoria’s Secret into a publicly traded company, changing its name to Bath & Body Works, Inc.

Benefits of Using ACES ETM Login Portal

L brands made the ACES ETM login portal for the usage of its employees. There are various benefits of using the ACES ETM login portal:

  • It allows exploring the resources about positions and their possibilities. 
  • Search for job vacancies even in other L brands and apply easily.
  • Get updates about working hours and shifts. 
  • Requests for days off and holidays online without a direct visit to employers.
  • Access exclusive benefits like health insurance, legal protection, and retirement plan.
  • Manage a personal team account, assigning and completing specific tasks.
  • Tax details and pay stub information can be monitored easily.
  • Single-employee reports can be generated and performance evaluated.
  • The portal is highly secure to use.

How to Login into L Brands ACES ETM Portal? 

You must be an employee of LBrands company and have a computing device to access the portal. Follow the guidelines listed below to log in:

aces etm login

  • Visit the official Limited Brands ACES ETM website
  • Insert your Username and Password.
  • Click on the “Go” button. You will redirect to your account dashboard.

How To Create an L Brands ACES ETM Employee Account?

Creating an online ACES ETM Login portal account is not available for new members. However, once recruited as an employee at L Brands, the Aces HR will automatically create an ACES ETM login account For new joiners. 

  • You can request them from your manager. If you still need to receive the login credentials for your online account directly.
  • Log in to the ACES employee portal using the username and password.
  • Once logged in, you can update your profile details.
  • Enter basic information such as name and contact information.
  • You must insert the last six digits of your social security number for tax purposes.
  • Confirm your security question and answer.
  • Make a new strong password, and your account registration is complete.
  • Login with the new credentials and take advantage of the services of the ACES ETM login portal.

How To Recover ACES ETM Password?

The ACES ETM login does not give an online option to reset your password, so it is best to note your password. But there is an option that helps you reset your password manually: 

  • Call Stores Technology Services (STS) at 1-877-415-7911. This is a helpline for L Brands employees.
  • Follow the instructions and provide all necessary details, such as your date of birth and employee ID, to confirm your identity.
  • You will receive an email with a link to reset your password shortly after your request call. 
  • Create a new strong password by clicking on the link. 

ACES ETM Contact Information

Below are some of the ways to get help:

  • 1-877-415-7911: it is a hotline. Contact them If you have a problem with the login process.
  • 877-4157-911: L Brands Human Resources HR 
  • 1-614-415-7000: L Brands Headquarters
  • Mails address: L Brands, Inc. World Headquarters, Three Limited Parkway, Columbus, OH 43230

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Using the ACES ETM portal is important for employees of L brands as it has various benefits and features reduces extra work, and provides valuable information. Follow this guide to easily log in, register, or reset your ACES ETM Portal account. We’ve also provided contact information so you can get direct help anytime!

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